RBS sell off

04 August, 20150 Comments
As I am sure you are aware news broke early this week regarding George Osborne and the government’s plans to sell off RBS, which cuts the taxpayers shareholding from 79% down to 73%. The 2.1bn of shares have been sold so far at 300p; which is below the 337p that they closed on Monday and
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Top 100 housing must reads; 2013 through the eyes of an LRS landlord.

31 December, 20130 Comments
Here is a compilation of the 100 most read, most interesting, and most commented upon Landlord Referencing Forum topics, from late 2012 to the end of 2013. (Click on title of each one to read the thread in full.) The Office of Fair Trading has today launched new online resources to help internet businesses comply
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Yet again, one law for tenants and another law for landlords

18 October, 20130 Comments
This week Eric Pickles has announced that millions of tenants will get a better deal when they rent a home, under new plans to help hardworking people. An ambitious package of proposals has been released by the Secretary of State to ensure England’s 9 million private renting tenants are protected from being ripped off by
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Govt. report calls for convicted landlords to return rents to councils and tenants

18 July, 20130 Comments
A report published today not only calls for tighter regulation of letting agents and a call of action to fees transparency, but also for local authorities and tenants to be given the ability to recoup rents when a landlord has been convicted of letting sub-standard property. The Committee of MPs have raised concerns about the
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Lawyers say anti-squatting law should be repealed

26 March, 20132 Comments
Squatting in a residential building became a criminal offence throughout England and Wales on 1st September 2012 – 6 months later, Squatters Action for Secure Homes (SQUASH) and a number of lawyers are now campaigning for this law to be repealed. At the time the offence was proposed, Government sources claimed it was necessary as
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An open letter to the mainstream media

14 March, 20134 Comments
With the controversy around Universal Credit becoming almost explosive and as rent arrears mount up & the housing benefit monies are spent on other things (drink, drugs, pay day loans, etc – which are extremely detrimental to ALL of our communities) Landlord Referencing Services are now seeing a massive influx of landlords AND letting agents
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