The Importance of Good Design in Rental Properties

05 January, 20170 Comments
It’s a common misconception amongst landlords that design is of lesser importance in rental properties. Whilst it’s good practice to offer a property with broad appeal, renters often lack enthusiasm for a home that is too blank a canvas. When viewing your residences, future tenants should be able to envision themselves inhabiting and enjoying the
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How to Prepare Your Property for Student Tenants

06 December, 20160 Comments
Many landlords with properties in university towns choose to take advantage of the student market. Student properties are currently under-supplied, and command strong rents. Students are also less likely to default on payments, and provide added security as they often like to rent the same property for the duration of their studies. In spite of
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Alarming statistic suggests almost 4 out of 5 student tenants do not sign an inventory

21 November, 20160 Comments
The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) have raised concern around the apparent lack of tenants signing inventories, after an ‘alarming statistic’ recently published by suggests that almost four out of five (79%) of student tenants do not sign an inventory when they move in to a privately rented property. Best letting practice guidelines
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Which student town offers the highest buy-to-let returns?

26 August, 20161 Comments
New research has revealed that buy to let landlords seeking high rental yields should consider buying properties to let to students in the North of England. The analysis, undertaken by property crowdfunding platform Property Partner, has also identified that: Sunderland University offers the best rental yields of all the universities in England, with low house
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Reference a student and their guarantor for just £60 at Tenant Referencing UK

25 April, 20162 Comments
As University students near their last term, at Tenant Referencing UK we are enjoying the usual influx of landlords referencing their next batch of students in preparation for the coming year. This has seen a rise in the following questions that we’d like to go through again, to make sure that you all understand everything that’s on
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Student Lettings | Is your property attractive to students?

06 April, 20162 Comments
As university students in the UK enjoy their Spring vacation, many landlords with student accommodation will now be on the look out for their next good tenant. The question is: Is you property attractive to the lucrative student market? A recent survey of 500 students has revealed the most important facilities found in student accommodation are: Safety and security: 89% Good internet connection: 88% A washing machine: 76%
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NLA issues rental fraud warning to students

04 September, 20150 Comments
The NLA (National Landlords Association) has issued a press release reminding would-be tenants to be vigilant when looking for somewhere new to live and how to avoid being scammed. The warning comes as many new tenants are looking for available properties before the academic year begins. The NLA has released guidance about avoiding online rental
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Have Private Landlords Reacted to the Bedroom Tax?

25 November, 20130 Comments
The explosion of the demand for rental properties is largely because it has become so difficult to purchase property. ‘Generation rent’ are the people who, perhaps five years ago, might have got a mortgage without a large deposit, but who are now unable to save for the large deposit needed for home ownership, whilst renting, 
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