Taking Time Off to Move House: What Am I Entitled To?

30 September, 20160 Comments
Am I Entitled to a Day Off to Move House? Moving house can be a stressful event and requires exceptional time management skills for all involved. In advance of your move, viewings, solicitor’s appointments, surveys, removal companies, amongst other things, all need to be arranged and some of these require meetings during working hours. In
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5 Gift Ideas For The New Homeowner

27 June, 20162 Comments
If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or family member who has just moved in to a new home, then it may be tempting to go for a potted plant, or the typical ‘Home Sweet Home’ hanging sign – and whilst there is nothing really wrong with either of these, there are only
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Is buying or selling a house more stressful?

08 January, 20160 Comments
Research from Which? Mortgage Advisers has released a survey showing that buying and selling property is one of the most stressful life experiences – more stressful than having a child and second only to going through a divorce. But which one was considered worse? And which one do you consider worse? A survey was conducted
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” Be open about your financial past before embarking on home ownership ” urge Equifax

04 February, 20140 Comments
Leading online credit information provider, Equifax, is urging couples looking to purchase their first home together to reveal any financial commitments they may have kept hidden from each other, before entering a new shared financial agreement such as a mortgage to buy a property. The warning comes as tougher affordability rules are set to be
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Stress testing your buy to let portfolio

08 January, 20140 Comments
Every landlord, whether they own a couple of properties or a couple of hundred, is running a business. Like any business, it’s a numbers game – and the numbers can often be unpredictable. When Mark Carney took over from Mervyn King as the Governor of the Bank of England on 1 July 2013, the economy
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Check your netting for damage and trapped birds

07 November, 20130 Comments
Facilities managers and property managers are being urged to check their bird netting following the recent high winds and stormy weather. Cleankill Environmental Services’ Paul Bates says: “Birds can easily become tangled and trapped in damaged proofing which not only causes them distress but can lead to further damage to the netting. Holes in netting
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Be a premier performer at tackling debt

21 October, 20130 Comments
Millions of people all over the world understand the burden of overwhelming debt. From having trouble paying off credit card debt or take out personal loans to help with everyday finances such as something as simple as paying rent, everyone has felt the effects of a global financial crisis and slow economic recovery. As a
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Can buy to let be a short-term investment ?

16 August, 20130 Comments
It was reported at the end of July that over half of the landlords who entered the property market so far this year have done so for short-term gain, enticed by the low rates that the Funding for Lending Scheme has helped to encourage. This is despite the warnings contained in the same report, issued
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