Innovative lettings ‘Passport’ enables councils to house more and save more

18 November, 20160 Comments
Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the UK can now access a brand new solution to help many more low income renters find new homes and save public funds, through The Ark Passport. Did you know that UK councils have spent £3.5 billion on temporary housing over the last 5 years? With the introduction of Universal Credit
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Moving To A New Area? How To Check If Your Home Is Safe & Secure

05 July, 20162 Comments
There is a lot to think about when you move to a completely new location and when walking round the local area to get your bearings you will probably keep an eye out for the local pub, the corner shop, the nearest bus stop and so on. But, what you might not think to consider
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Remember remember 5th November 2015 – keep London properties secure!

03 November, 20150 Comments
‘The Million Mask March’, the world’s largest protest by the most influential group in the world – apparently. That’s how “hacktivists” Anonymous have not-so-modestly positioned their campaign anyway! Anonymous Anonymous is a self-styled international network of “hacktivists” and anti-establishment protesters, who, according to the Telegraph, are linked to cyber-attacks against governments and corporations. They are
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How much do you know about the survey your mortgage lender is trying to sell you?

28 December, 20130 Comments
In general terms, there are 3 types of ‘survey’ that your mortgage lender will try to sell you. A Valuation (This is NOT a survey, it is entirely for the benefit of the Lender to secure the loan, it does not benefit the buyer at all) A Homebuyers Report (This is a valuation and a
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Rent arrears are escalating, but not for those who regularly use tenant referencing

12 December, 20130 Comments
With the UK in danger of falling into a national rent crisis, as arrears are becoming the fastest growing debt dilemma, LRS would like to take this opportunity to press home the importance of referencing applicant tenants before tenure – before it’s too late. The Money Advice Trust charity has revealed that in the first
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30 November, 20130 Comments
I suspect that the vast majority of people would answer that question with a resounding ‘NO’. Ok, well what about if I said ‘would you buy a house without a survey?’ Even though a house is likely to be the biggest investment most people will make, I think there would be several different answers to
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Liverpool licensing plans could increase costs for good tenants

22 November, 20130 Comments
Today the Mayoral Cabinet for Liverpool will be asked to approve plans for a 12 week independent consultation to begin, over the introduction of the first citywide licensing scheme for private landlords. In a bid to drive up the quality of private rented properties this would mean that all property owners who rent out accommodation
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