section 21

section 21

Royal assent for the Homelessness Reduction Act

08 June, 20170 Comments
Starting life as a private member’s bill raised by Bob Blackman, the Homelessness Reduction Bill was later backed by the Government and has now received royal assent on 27th April. The Act is good news for both the homeless and those threatened with homelessness, as it places new obligations on councils. Priority need or intentionally
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Where to turn when reliable renters become troublesome tenants

23 March, 20170 Comments
If you’re not familiar with the song ‘Murphy Owes Me Rent’ by Frank Harding (and why would you be, it’s from 1890), as a landlord, it is worth checking out. It tells the story of a well-respected landlord who owns several properties. In one of them lives Murphy, who hasn’t paid his rent for “many
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New accreditation changing the face of private housing

09 February, 20170 Comments
New Section 21 legislation designed to help protect private renters from rogue landlords isn’t working, claim MPs and housing lawyers. In 2015 the law in England changed to make “revenge evictions” illegal, which applies to rental agreements signed since 1st October 2015. Faulty electrics, damp and broken boilers that don’t get fixed are all officially
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U TURN on Local Authorities Having to Accept Service of Section 21 As Homelessness

25 October, 20160 Comments
Homelessness Reduction Bill changed and it’s bad news for landlords The final version of Bob Blackman MP’s Homelessness Reduction Bill has been published ahead of its 2nd Reading in Parliament. In complete contrast to previous versions, and the report by Crisis that preceded it, the final version delivers a kicking to landlords. The NLA had
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Section 21 Form 6a Government website error

16 June, 20160 Comments
After attending a very informative Managing Agent event this week, at Tenant Referencing UK we want to draw your attention to an error on FORM 6A Notice seeking possession of a property let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy via the government website. David Cox, Managing Director of the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), helpfully pointed
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Evictions at all time high

Accelerated possessions at an all-time high

17 February, 20160 Comments
The latest figures from the Ministry of Justice show that evictions last year reached a record high of 42,728. Overall possession claims fell during the year to 148,043, however the number of accelerated possession cases continued their upward trend reaching 37,663 in 2015, up 4.5% on 2014 and up 10.5% on 2013. According to the
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Compensation for evicted tenants?

29 January, 20160 Comments
The campaign group Generation Rent is now calling for tenants who have been served notice to leave a property to be compensated by landlords. Results from a survey carried out by BMG Research found that 27% of current and past private tenants had been evicted by a landlord who wanted to sell, refurbish or change
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