rogue tenant

rogue tenant

The BBC want to hear from YOU …

04 April, 20130 Comments
The BBC are looking to speak to landlords who are currently involved in a dispute with a rogue tenant over a renting/letting issue. With a view to being filmed for a BBC1 documentary – Please call producer Lily Murray, ASAP, on: 07843 096 546 . OR email Landlord Referencing Services and we’ll put you in
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New property fraud hotline launched

08 February, 20130 Comments
Concerned that your property may be subject to a fraudulent sale or mortgage? Then worry no more, as the UK Land Registry have now launched a Property Fraud Helpline. Specially trained staff are now available to speak to worried home owners and offer practical advice about what to do. The telephone number is 0300 006
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Free deterrent to troublesome households within the PRS

23 January, 20130 Comments
A government report has found that councils are wasting billions of pounds, by not intervening with anti-social families more effectively. Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has published new findings showing the huge savings that can be made for the taxpayer from turning around troubled families, by intervening more effectively in problem households. The Department for
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Why do Landlord Referencing ask certain questions?

15 January, 20130 Comments
Landlord Referencing Services would like to address the reasons behind the questions that we ask of landlords and letting agents upon registration of our service. What with the recent (unprecedented) influx of landlords and letting agents joining our unique landlord networking system right across the UK, following the introduction of the Universal Credit pilots and
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14 January, 20131 Comments
Labour leader MP Ed Miliband has promised to protect the rights of private renters, as part of his party’s ‘One Nation’ philosophy. Mr Miliband highlighted the potentially divisive rift between private renters and home owners in a speech to the Fabian Society. As well as attempting to provide more security for renters via introducing more
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