residential landlords association

residential landlords association

Over a quarter of landlords experienced rent arrears in last 12 months

05 June, 20171 Comments
Fresh research by the RLA has revealed that more than a quarter of buy to let landlords have experienced rent arrears in the past 12 months. With 28% of landlords experiencing rent debt, coupled with the fact that 1 in 3 working families in England would not be able to afford to pay their rent
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84% of landlords likely to consider increasing rents

11 July, 20162 Comments
New research from the Residential Landlords Association shows that private landlords are being forced to increase rents just to meet their mortgage obligations and other costs. Thanks to the Chancellor’s tax clampdown on buy-to-let, as well as rising letting costs, many landlords profits have been completely wiped out. Therefore rent hikes are the inevitable aftereffect
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Landlords and Tenants: Avoid Gumtree Scams with TR Lettings

08 March, 20161 Comments
With an increasing number of ‘fake landlords’ operating on Gumtree, the classified listing service have now planned to meet with the RLA (Residential Landlords Association) to discuss a way forward. The scam involves fraudsters posing as landlords, who demand cash for viewings. These online advertisements often include cloned logos (e.g an NLA logo) which provide a
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Growing need for longer tenancies

RLA – Landlords are meeting the growing need for longer tenancies

18 February, 20160 Comments
Independent Government figures released today show landlords are meeting the growing need for longer tenancies in private rented housing due to the increase of children in rental housing. According to the English Housing Survey for 2014-15, over the past ten years the proportion of private rented households with dependent children has increased from 30% in
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Should private landlords be subject to greater regulation?

29 April, 20140 Comments
As the private rented sector continues to grow, so do calls for regulation. Today The Guardian have asked a tenants group and the landlord lobby for their thoughts; click here to view original source. Alex Hilton, director of Generation Rent, says that: “… A national register of landlords would help end the worst abuses. …
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Landlords asked to contribute to survey about the current eviction process

19 March, 20140 Comments
The Residential Landlords’ Association (RLA) is asking its members and other private rented sector professionals to take part in a Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) run survey, exploring the current eviction process and how to improve the procedure for private landlords. This survey comes well timed after housing charity Shelter attacked private landlords
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