Moving To A New Area? How To Check If Your Home Is Safe & Secure

05 July, 20162 Comments
There is a lot to think about when you move to a completely new location and when walking round the local area to get your bearings you will probably keep an eye out for the local pub, the corner shop, the nearest bus stop and so on. But, what you might not think to consider
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Investors to quit the market and sell off 500,000 properties

04 February, 20160 Comments
According to new research from the NLA landlords will sell off 500,000 properties in the next 12 months thanks to landlord confidence is at its lowest since the dark days of the banking crisis. The proportion of landlords looking to sell in the next 12 months has doubled since July 2015, just after George Osborne’s
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Government immigration plans see lawful tenants refused housing – RLA

04 September, 20150 Comments
A warning from the RLA came on the day that new research has indicated the difficulties caused by the governments ‘Right to Rent’ scheme which was piloted in the West Midlands. The research which was published yesterday by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has found that landlords in the West Midlands have
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PRS expansion undermines Scottish Governments hopes of reducing poverty

02 May, 20140 Comments
According to recent research by one of the largest UK social policy research charities, the proportion of Scottish households now privately rented has risen from 7% in 1991 to 14% today. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have also found that : On average, PRS rents are 86% higher than social housing rents. Scotlands historically large share of social
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Why the gap between rich and poor

22 April, 20140 Comments
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Activists call for a ban on Section 21’s …

11 April, 20140 Comments
Yesterday housing activists occupied the Department of Communities and Local Government in protest at evictions and insecurity of tenure. The protest followed reports of a workshop held by DCLG about ways of making it easier for landlords to evict their tenants, where campaigners bedded down in sleeping bags in the department’s lobby to “highlight how
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Just 1 bad tenant can wipe out an entire pension pot …

08 April, 20140 Comments
With 25% of retirees planning to user their pension pot to buy an annuity, following reforms announced in this year’s Budget, LRS wonders how prepared these ‘silver-savers’ actually are for becoming a landlord. Following the biggest shake-up of the pensions system in generations, pensioners can now take more of their pension pot as up-front cash,
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If you raised the rent would your tenants fall into arrears ?

18 March, 20140 Comments
As the Chancellor puts the finishing touches to his Budget, due to be delivered tomorrow, coupled with the government stating that the UK’s economy is on the road to recovery – LRS would like to ask are your tenants flush or if you raised the rents would they fall into arrears? Business in the big
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As the amount of UK renters continues to rise tenants are now actively making lifestyle choices

15 March, 20140 Comments
Buy to let insurance firm Homelet have revealed new research that shows private renting tenants are having to make lifestyle changes due to increasing rents within the sector. The research shows that : PRS tenants paid an average 2.3% extra in rent payments The average buy to let rent in February stood at £818 Year-on-year
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