Centre for Social Justice

Calls for ‘social letting agencies’ run by social workers?

19 February, 20160 Comments
Think-tank Centre for Social Justice is calling for new “Social Letting Agencies”  – a new type of not-for-profit estate agency  to be backed by Government money to offer five-year tenancies to families that landlords deem ‘too risky’ to take. According to the think-tank nearly 70,000 of the poorest families in Britain are struggling to find
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Information Commissioners Office

ICO tells agents to improve handling of personal data

01 February, 20160 Comments
Agents have been warned by an official watchdog for the way they handle clients’ personal data. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has now issued a report with a string of observations after visiting a series of letting and estate agents’ offices. The observations included: – Staff having little formal training in data protection; – Vendors, landlords and
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Council tax ‘could be scrapped’ in Scotland?

24 August, 20150 Comments
Reform Scotland is calling to revamp the way that the local government is financed and is arguing that Scotland’s 32 councils should have total control over local taxation through a range of other taxes. Reform Scotland is a public institute or ‘think tank’ who’s objective is to “set out policies in Scotland that deliver increased
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ICO say Social Landlords need to do more to protect tenants’ sensitive data

24 February, 20140 Comments
A recent report by the Information Commissioners Office has found that social landlords need to do more to protect their tenants’ data. Based on the findings from 9 visits and 4 audits of Housing Associations and “Arm’s-length management organisations”, the ICO found that social landlords need to improve their policies and procedures regarding data sharing,
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How much do you know about the survey your mortgage lender is trying to sell you?

28 December, 20130 Comments
In general terms, there are 3 types of ‘survey’ that your mortgage lender will try to sell you. A Valuation (This is NOT a survey, it is entirely for the benefit of the Lender to secure the loan, it does not benefit the buyer at all) A Homebuyers Report (This is a valuation and a
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30 November, 20130 Comments
I suspect that the vast majority of people would answer that question with a resounding ‘NO’. Ok, well what about if I said ‘would you buy a house without a survey?’ Even though a house is likely to be the biggest investment most people will make, I think there would be several different answers to
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Walton Robinson Run Through Their Top Tips For Preventing Troublesome Tenants

26 September, 20130 Comments
Newcastle based sales and lettings agents gives us the low down on how they avoid problematic tenants and property disasters. Being a landlord can be a really rewarding profession but all of a sudden, when you least expect it, things can change. Nothing is worse than a bad tenant. Whether your tenant isn’t looking
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Limiting the risks for you and your tenants with preventative pest control

04 September, 20130 Comments
Landlords have a responsibility to keep the premises they are letting out well maintained and habitable. When it comes to pest control, however, deciding who is responsible can sometimes be a grey area. If you can prove that the tenant caused an infestation as a result of poor cleaning practices, they can be asked to
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Tenants guarantors and their responsibilities

29 August, 20130 Comments
As tenant referencing has become more widely used, landlords have become more accustomed to using guarantors when the tenants reference report come back with concerns, rather than reject the application altogether the landlord or letting agent may ask for a guarantor. Typically this is a relative of close family friend – someone who wants to
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