Tenant Contents Insurance for HMOs

04 December, 20170 Comments
Our partners at Rent Safe UK are pleased to announce that they can now offer: Tenant Contents Insurance on HMOs – YAY!! With their new underwriters they are now able to offer a Tenant Contents Policy for rooms within a HMO, to protect not only the tenants belongings but yours too. What does this mean? Are you taking deposits? Although we would
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Britain’s biggest landlord now only considers those who can provide a rent guarantee

09 January, 20170 Comments
It has recently come to light that Fergus Wilson, Britain’s biggest landlord, has banned “battered wives” from his properties because he does not want to risk ex-husbands or boyfriends returning to destroy his rental accommodation. Wilson, who runs a lucrative property empire in Kent, has recently stated that he will no longer accept victims of domestic
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Unsecured consumer credit grows at fastest rate in more than 11 years

05 January, 20170 Comments
As the UK credit binge approaches levels unseen since the 2008 financial crash, this should set alarm bells ringing for residential landlords to get their affairs in order and safeguard their rental income as soon as possible. The latest figures from the Bank of England show unsecured consumer credit, which includes credit cards, car loans and second
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20% of landlords failing to renew RGI policies in the last quarter

04 January, 20170 Comments
With people twice as likely to break up between Christmas and Valentine’s Day compared to any other time of year, where legal advisers and psychologists have dubbed January ‘Divorce Month’, we are worried to learn how many landlords are not renewing their rent guarantee insurance policies after the first year. Startling statistics released by our insurance partners RentSafeUK
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Rent Safe UK launch new Buy to Let Portfolio Building and Contents Insurance

03 October, 20160 Comments
Owning multiple properties is the dream for most landlords. Although, alongside the many benefits, it can be a real hassle trying to sort out insurance for each separate property. Rent Safe UK Portfolio Building and Contents Insurance is perfect for landlords who own large portfolios of either residential or commercial or a mixture of both.
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Insurers detect 2,500 fraudulent claims a week

14 September, 20160 Comments
The number of fraudulent insurance claims rose to 2,500 a week last year, according to industry figures. In total there were 130,000 fraudulent claims, up 6% on 2014, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said. Dishonest motor claims remained the most common crime, accounting for over half the total. But fraudulent claims for injury, supposedly
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Can benefit tenants be accepted for your rent guarantee insurance products?

02 June, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I would like to take out a rent guarantee policy with for a tenant on benefits, is this possible? Is so, what criteria must they meet? Samii says Yes, at Tenant Referencing UK tenants in receipt of benefits have a chance of being insured for RGI through Rent Safe IF they have a guarantor. Guarantors for benefit
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