84% of landlords likely to consider increasing rents

11 July, 20162 Comments
New research from the Residential Landlords Association shows that private landlords are being forced to increase rents just to meet their mortgage obligations and other costs. Thanks to the Chancellor’s tax clampdown on buy-to-let, as well as rising letting costs, many landlords profits have been completely wiped out. Therefore rent hikes are the inevitable aftereffect
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Mass Buy-to-Let Selling Could be Threat to Economy

30 March, 20160 Comments
The recent boom in the buy-to-let sector could pose a threat to the economy in the event of a large-scale sell-off of properties, a senior official at the Bank of England has warned. Sir Jon Cunliffe, deputy governor for financial stability at the central bank, pointed in particular to a surge in lending to buy-to-let
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Landlords Taking Measures to Safeguard Their Profits

29 February, 20160 Comments
The various tax reforms targeting landlords announced by George Osborne last year, and taking effect over the next few years, have sent many of the UK’s landlords on the hunt for ways of protecting their profits. A number of strategies have emerged to keep property investments profitable in the Chancellor’s tough tax reforms. Most particularly, there has been
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London Rental Prices

London rents are now nearly two-thirds of average income

15 January, 20160 Comments
Official figures from the House of Commons library rental figures show that since 2010 private-sector rent has jumped from 49% to 62% of average pre-tax incomes. Back in 2010 tenants spent more than half their income on putting a roof over their heads in only five London boroughs, now that figure has increased to 20
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Professional tenants living in Houses in Multiple Occupation are able to save over £1,600 more a year than those renting alone

07 September, 20150 Comments
Professional tenants are able to save £134 more a month by sharing in a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) rather than renting a one bedroom flat alone, according to new research from Platinum Property Partners (PPP), the specialist buy-to-let
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Thousands March in London to end housing crisis “March For Homes”

04 February, 20150 Comments
At midday today (Saturday 31st January) March For Homes took place in London. Hundreds of people marched to City Hall to draw attention to the London housing crisis and the lack of affordable homes. Banners were carried saying: “PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT” “CONTROL RENTS” “BUILD HOMES” In Shoreditch, campaigners held aloft a huge banner which read
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A bottle of wine or a bad tenant? – What a choice to make!

25 February, 20140 Comments
Last week we heard that the Bank of England was not going to raise interest rates until Mid-2015 and one of the reasons for raising rates was because savers were suffering. I questioned whether those savers were big corporations who had vast swathes of cash or just pensioners that received more money in interest and
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Should you save or repay your debt?

20 September, 20133 Comments
To anyone with a passing interest in economics, the above question might seem like a daft one. Following the financial crisis, the Bank of England base rate nosedived by 4.5% in less than a year, and has been at an all-time low of 0.5% since the first quarter of 2009. Low interest rates punish savers,
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