rented accommodation

rented accommodation

‘Pop-up brothels’ country-wide problem for residential landlords in the UK

06 January, 20170 Comments
A recent TR Group forum post has alerted us to the increasing problem of privately rented properties across the UK being used illegally as ‘pop-up brothels’. Yesterday, a forum post started back in October 2016 was resurrected by a TR Group landlord subscriber who stated: Nick: ‘This seems to be a growing problem in the
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Landlady finds £160,000 of cannabis in property let out to businessman

01 May, 20140 Comments
A Yorkshire landlady found £160,000 worth of cannabis growing in her house after letting it out to a businessman. Timothy Young, 48, was caught out after his landlady returned with her family to the UK to attend a funeral and went to inspect the property. She went to the house on Hollingthorpe Lane, Hall Green,
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Lord Mayor of Portsmouth endorses Landlord Referencing Services

26 March, 20140 Comments
Having met The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth at The PDPLA Landlord & Property Show a couple of weeks ago we went onto ask her what she thought of the principle of landlords and letting agents networking together to avoid anti-social/disruptive tenants moving around areas, creating havoc and destroying all of our communities. Councillor Lynne Stagg replied
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OH MY! Mr Tenant – What big teeth you have! …

21 November, 20130 Comments
We have all heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood; the “Big Bad Wolf” who ate Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother and then disguised itself as her to catch and eat the little girl. Well, a leading independent estate and lettings agency group in Essex have recently warned that landlords are directly at risk to
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666; the number of the beast! [LRS HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE] #TerrifyingTenantTales

31 October, 20130 Comments
“Once a conman, always a conman…” Tenant Alert Reference : NATIONAL/RS/241013 This is a tale about one of my tenants who has truly lived up to his DOB; 06/06/1966 !!! In the past he conned 4 women into giving him wads of cash with his sob stories and did 30 months of prison time when
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Social Referencing at LRS helps stop terrorists

23 May, 20130 Comments
Following the horrific death of a member of the armed forces yesterday in the southeast of London, Landlord Referencing would like to address and reiterate the extremely poignant question that every landlord and letting agent should be asking themselves before they take any tenant on; WHO IS LIVING IN YOUR PROPERTY? Eyewitness accounts, including some
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Should landlords who buy empty homes be exempt from stamp duty?

27 February, 20130 Comments
The Chartered Institute of Housing has called on the government to make landlords who buy empty homes (to bring them back into use) exempt from paying stamp duty. In its submission to George Osborne, ahead of next month’s budget, the CIH has called on the government to offer an incentive to purchasers to bring back
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Irresponsible pet ownership addressed by the RSPCA

24 October, 20120 Comments
The RSPCA has produced a good practice guide, which aims to address issues surrounding tenants with pets. This new guide highlights the issues of nuisance relating to animals and pets, therefore will be of great interest to landlords and letting agents looking to review their tenancy agreements and/or anti-social behaviour policies and procedures. A pets
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