rental property

rental property

Why tenant demand is likely to be the new constant in UK property

01 February, 20170 Comments
Tenant demand is important for any investor, and here’s why it’s not likely to go away any time soon. For anyone considering investing in the UK’s private rented sector for the first time, one of the major concerns will centre around the potential longevity of the market’s strength, and their own ability to see a
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The Importance of Good Design in Rental Properties

05 January, 20170 Comments
It’s a common misconception amongst landlords that design is of lesser importance in rental properties. Whilst it’s good practice to offer a property with broad appeal, renters often lack enthusiasm for a home that is too blank a canvas. When viewing your residences, future tenants should be able to envision themselves inhabiting and enjoying the
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Stop the mass UK tenant evictions and forced rent increases caused by Section 24 PETITION

16 December, 20160 Comments
A new petition on was started this week to encourage tenants to speak out about section 24. Please sign and share it: CLICK TO SIGN. Got something to say? Please click here to get involved in the live discussion now! Related topics: Landlords and tenants benefit from a new type of tenant reference: The ‘Referencing Passport’
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One in five tenants fall victim to rogue landlords, but what about rogue tenants?

14 November, 20160 Comments
According to new research there are a significant amount of private landlords failing to keep their rental properties up to a safe and habitable standard, with one in five UK tenants describing their existing renting conditions as a “nightmare”. A study by found around 740,000 rented homes in Britain are in a ‘poor condition’ and
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‘Green tax’ to hit buy to let landlords with £5,000 bill

01 August, 20160 Comments
330,000 buy-to-let landlords are set to pay a “green tax” of up to £5,000 to make their rental properties more energy efficient, in the run-up to the 2018 EPC deadline. The Landlord Energy Saving Allowance (LESA) ended in April 2016, which allowed up to £1,500 worth of energy efficiency improvements to be offset against income tax
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Do UK Landlords Care About Their Tenants’ Genders?

29 July, 20161 Comments
Have you ever gone to look around a rental property, fallen in love with it and on saying you would like to take it, been turned down with no real explanation as to why? Well, have you ever considered that the reason could be as simple as your gender? Finding the perfect place is not
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Rogue landlords and the review of property conditions in the private rented sector

19 February, 20140 Comments
Rogue landlords are very much in the news nowadays – even if you’re not remotely interested in the PRS, you can’t get far without hearing about landlords illegally housing their tenants in sheds, and worse.  There are plenty of schemes (existing and proposed) – mainly run by local authorities – to deal with them –
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How to rent a house & escape bad tenants

31 January, 20140 Comments
Whether you’re brand new to property and are just starting learning how to rent a house and what it takes to be a landlord, or whether your an old pro and have successfully run a thriving rental portfolio for many years….. You’ll probably already know that being a landlord comes with many challenges. Some are
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