rent safe uk

rent safe uk

Why are private landlords playing Russian Roulette with their rent? …

19 January, 20180 Comments
Question: Do you think your hard working tenants (even with the best referencing in the world), who have paid the rent on time for years, are safe?… If so, then please think again !! We say this because over the last 10 years the UK has seen a surge in larger companies going bust, announcing
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TR Group Christmas Opening Hours 2017

15 December, 20170 Comments
Tenant Referencing UK and Rent Safe UK Christmas Opening Hours: Closed at 1pm on the 20th December Closed at 1pm on the 22nd of December Christmas hours – 27th, 28th, 29th – 10am – 1pm Closed Bank Holidays Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us! PLEASE NOTE: TR
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Tenant Contents Insurance for HMOs

04 December, 20170 Comments
Our partners at Rent Safe UK are pleased to announce that they can now offer: Tenant Contents Insurance on HMOs – YAY!! With their new underwriters they are now able to offer a Tenant Contents Policy for rooms within a HMO, to protect not only the tenants belongings but yours too. What does this mean? Are you taking deposits? Although we would
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Landlord numbers down but portfolio sizes up?

12 September, 20170 Comments
According to new data, the number of landlords has fallen over the past two years despite a rise in supply of homes available to rent – meaning that the typical buy to let investor now has a larger portfolio than ever before. Research from Estate Agents Countrywide estimates that the number of UK landlords peaked
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As HMRC clamp down on landlords, tax protection insurance demand increases

16 August, 20170 Comments
Newham council believe that HMRC may be losing £200m a year in London alone, after discovering that half of its landlords have failed to register for self – assessment. After the licensing process Newham found it had 50,000 private properties owned by 27,000 separate landlords, the council now understands that 13,000 have failed to register for self-assessment.
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Can I help you save £1000’s on your Property Insurance?

15 November, 20160 Comments
Dear Landlord,   As a property investor myself, I want to alert you to the launch of our latest buy to let property insurance products. As a landlord of over 100 properties in buildings, which include residential and commercial units plus 9 individual houses in Wales, my insurance policies across the board were circa (year on
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Can benefit tenants be accepted for your rent guarantee insurance products?

02 June, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I would like to take out a rent guarantee policy with for a tenant on benefits, is this possible? Is so, what criteria must they meet? Samii says Yes, at Tenant Referencing UK tenants in receipt of benefits have a chance of being insured for RGI through Rent Safe IF they have a guarantor. Guarantors for benefit
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