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Over a quarter of landlords experienced rent arrears in last 12 months

05 June, 20171 Comments
Fresh research by the RLA has revealed that more than a quarter of buy to let landlords have experienced rent arrears in the past 12 months. With 28% of landlords experiencing rent debt, coupled with the fact that 1 in 3 working families in England would not be able to afford to pay their rent
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5.5m private tenants at risk of rent arrears – even if they work

19 September, 20161 Comments
Landlords are being warned that a growing number of working tenants are at risk of falling into arrears because they would fail to qualify for housing benefit if something went wrong. A recent report by a large insurer has found a rise in the number of working people at risk of being unable to pay
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Octo-mum avoids eviction despite £4k rent arrears

16 March, 20160 Comments
An ex-lapdancer and mother of eight, who claims £20,000 a year in benefits, has recently avoided eviction despite racking up £4,000 in unpaid rent. Marie Buchan from Birmingham, dubbed ‘Octo-mum’, has told The Daily Mail that looking after her children just doesn’t give her enough time to get a job, although she ‘works’ a 21-hour
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110 years on; Anti-social behaviour is no better

22 April, 20140 Comments
A collection of mugshots dating back to 1905, which warned publicans of drunken Dundonians, is to go under the hammer today. The folio of forms was issued to local landlords warning them not to serve the pictured people, who had been convicted of being drunk and incapable. Forms note “riotous behaviour” by the barred drinkers,
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What can you do when hell is on your doorstep?

02 April, 20140 Comments
In the UK our neighbours can often live too close to home; outlined last night by Channel 5’s new series “The Nightmare Neighbour From Hell”, revealing the traumatic, shocking, humourous and occasionally bizarre experiences of victims of nightmare neighbours. With 1 in 5 of us having been in an argument with our close neighbours, out of
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Accurate tenant referencing and landlord communication is the way forward

03 February, 20140 Comments
With the impending welfare reform via Universal Credit, legislation to tackle illegal immigration, more landlord Licensing schemes being implemented and stories such as Landlord Fergus Wilson’s recently hitting the headlines; landlords and letting agents need to realise the severe implications if they continue to go about their business without the means of accurate and thorough
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How to rent a house & escape bad tenants

31 January, 20140 Comments
Whether you’re brand new to property and are just starting learning how to rent a house and what it takes to be a landlord, or whether your an old pro and have successfully run a thriving rental portfolio for many years….. You’ll probably already know that being a landlord comes with many challenges. Some are
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2013 LRS Alerts show 22% drop in rent arrears & damages

11 January, 20140 Comments
As we enter 2014 Landlord Referencing is extremely happy to reveal that the tenant alerts recorded (exclusively at in 2013 show a 22% drop in rent arrears and property damages, compared to the figures recorded in 2012. Coupled with the vast increase of Landlords & Letting Agents registering to join the network over the
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