rent cap

rent cap

Will part-time employment result in part-time tenants ?

01 March, 20130 Comments
With nearly a third of the entire working population of Britain now working part-time Landlord Referencing Services would like to explore what the future holds for the private rented sector if this trend continues. Last night the ITV program Tonight covered the topic of ” Part time Britain ” – an insight into Britains flexible
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Why do Landlord Referencing ask certain questions?

15 January, 20130 Comments
Landlord Referencing Services would like to address the reasons behind the questions that we ask of landlords and letting agents upon registration of our service. What with the recent (unprecedented) influx of landlords and letting agents joining our unique landlord networking system right across the UK, following the introduction of the Universal Credit pilots and
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14 January, 20131 Comments
Labour leader MP Ed Miliband has promised to protect the rights of private renters, as part of his party’s ‘One Nation’ philosophy. Mr Miliband highlighted the potentially divisive rift between private renters and home owners in a speech to the Fabian Society. As well as attempting to provide more security for renters via introducing more
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Bill approved to limit housing payments = rent caps for the UK…?

09 January, 20130 Comments
MPs have approved the controversial Welfare Benefits Uprating Bill, passed by 328 votes to 262. Once the legislation is approved by the House of Lords this will mean that local housing allowance base rates will be capped at 1% for 2 years from April 2014. Most working age benefits, including employment and support allowance, income
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