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MP’s reject legislation to force landlords to ensure rented accommodation are ‘fit for human habitation’

14 January, 20160 Comments
On Tuesday night, MP’s voted to reject a proposal that would require landlords to make their properties “fit for human habitation” as part of an amendment to the new Housing and Planning Bill. Conservative MPs voted against the labour proposed legislation by 312 votes to 219, a majority of 93. Teresa Pearce, the shadow housing
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Should private landlords be subject to greater regulation?

29 April, 20140 Comments
As the private rented sector continues to grow, so do calls for regulation. Today The Guardian have asked a tenants group and the landlord lobby for their thoughts; click here to view original source. Alex Hilton, director of Generation Rent, says that: “… A national register of landlords would help end the worst abuses. …
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Is “rent to buy” cashing in on poverty?

09 April, 20140 Comments
Today the BBC have reported on a growing number of people who are turning to companies that offer weekly rental services to buy household items when money is tight. Companies such as Brighthouse, which allow weekly payment instalments over a number of months or years to buy items, have grown rapidly since the economic downturn.
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61% of landlords feel the risk to their safety has increased while collecting rents…

29 October, 20130 Comments
In an anonymous online poll of 200 Landlords LRS asked the question: Do you feel welfare reforms have increased the risk to your safety while collecting rents? We can now reveal the results; This is why Lifestyle Tenant Referencing is acting as an excellent deterrent to anti-social tenants, as once they find out that our
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Anti-social tenants – A new Bill set to make a difference

05 September, 20130 Comments
A new piece of legislation is set to make a huge difference to landlords, who have previously had difficulties evicting tenants on the grounds of anti-social behaviour. The year ending December 2012 saw over 2.3 million incidents of anti-social behaviour recorded by police in England and Wales; which is equivalent to around 6,300 incidents each
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Govt. report calls for convicted landlords to return rents to councils and tenants

18 July, 20130 Comments
A report published today not only calls for tighter regulation of letting agents and a call of action to fees transparency, but also for local authorities and tenants to be given the ability to recoup rents when a landlord has been convicted of letting sub-standard property. The Committee of MPs have raised concerns about the
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