F.A.I.R – A New Era of transparent referencing

19 November, 20130 Comments
Today is the official launch of the partnership between Landlord Referencing Services LLP and Equifax UK – the only company to date that offers both credit and lifestyle referencing services alongside one another. With this new era of transparent and cost effective referencing, gone are the days where a landlord or agent could simply say
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Landlords and Agents | Are you ready for November 1st?

30 October, 20130 Comments
From November 1st, 2013, all letting agents and private landlords will have to ensure that they include information in their property ads regarding non-optional fees and any charges that the tenant will incur during the rental application process. This has been bought to the attention of The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following a complaint earlier
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When is a landlord not a landlord?

21 October, 20130 Comments
Answer – when they think they’re not as they’re letting a room, and not a whole property! Following the credit crunch, many of us, myself included, have found ourselves letting out either the whole or a part of our own homes. Some have been forced to do this rather than lose their home completely. The
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Landlords are ‘not an extension of the Border Agency’

23 September, 20130 Comments
Following announcements in July, that landlords would face fines of up to £3,000 if they failed to determine whether a tenant’s immigration documents are genuine or not, Ministers are now arguing that landlords are ‘not an extension of the Border Agency.’ The consultation document suggested that it would affect 1.4million private landlords,  stating that “Landlords
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70% of tenants fall into arrears

10 September, 20130 Comments
Following the introduction of the “Bedroom Tax” the amount of tenants struggling to pay their rent in Bristol has increased from 40% to 70%, according to a Labour councillor. Data gathered by the Landlord Services report reveals that tenants affected by the tax are in arrears at an average of £182.28, up from the introduction
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Tenants guarantors and their responsibilities

29 August, 20130 Comments
As tenant referencing has become more widely used, landlords have become more accustomed to using guarantors when the tenants reference report come back with concerns, rather than reject the application altogether the landlord or letting agent may ask for a guarantor. Typically this is a relative of close family friend – someone who wants to
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Landlords must reference to avoid these new potential threats

09 August, 20131 Comments
Following a recent article by Samii and the team at ‘’ ( regarding changes to housing regulations for social housing in North Somerset, (including our beloved Weston-Super-Mare) we decided it was the perfect excuse to jump to our keyboard and blog. We do love to harp on about the local lettings market from the perspective of a lettings agent, so
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Landlords with anti-social tenants should be barred from collecting rents?

19 July, 20130 Comments
New powers to prevent private landlords from taking rent if they fail to deal with their anti-social tenants are being demanded by The Local Government Association. The association that represents 370 councils in England and Wales wants Westminster to follow the Scottish Government’s example and presented its argument during Parliamentary scrutiny of the Anti-Social Behaviour
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