Legislation to protect both landlords and tenants.

21 July, 20150 Comments
In the past six weeks Sheffield City Council has fined 11 letting agents £37,000 for failing to comply with legislation which was introduced last October. The council claim to be the first outside of London using the new legislation designed to boost the rights of millions of people living in rented accommodation. In the past
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Should You Use A Letting Agent?

23 April, 20140 Comments
Do you consider yourself a professional landlord? If you let any kind of property, you should; even if you let just one house, you are subject to the same legal requirements as property developers with a whole string of property under their belts. Of course, career landlords will have trusted agents or employees to take
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Who’s responsible for black mould growth?

12 July, 20131 Comments
With nearly 1 in 4 properties in the UK suffering from black mould growth in the winter time, this growing problem is causing bad feeling between many landlord’s and their tenants, this article attempts to educate landlords as to who is responsible and what can be done. Every landlord will get complaints from their tenants
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Getting to know your damp and mould expert

14 June, 20130 Comments
If you don’t know your damp from your mould you could end up getting fleeced, this article describes the kind of symptoms to look out for so that you don’t get the wrong advice and waste money on the wrong solution. Damp, is a generic word that basically covers a multitude of moisture damage in
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January 2013 Tenant Alert Statistics

04 February, 20130 Comments
Landlord Referencing Services has collated its Tenant Alert data for January 2013, which reveals that the most prolific areas for rent defaults and property damages last month (via our vigilant community of landlords and letting agents) was in the South West and the West Midlands.   Total rent defaults recorded in January 2013 = £51,000+.
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