property portfolio

property portfolio

Using Software to Grow and Diversify Your Property Portfolio

16 November, 20160 Comments
Developing a professional property portfolio takes a lot of time and skill. Whether you are handling a handful of suburban households or a fleet of apartment complexes in the city, you will need to deal with varying costs and rental agreements. Taking stock and keeping track of each individual property will become an important part
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Annie customer of platinum property

A franchise opportunity that led to more than one business

10 December, 20150 Comments
When Ania Jeffries joined Platinum Property Partners (PPP) in 2012 with her husband Simon, it was very much about building a property portfolio that would create wealth and financial security for the
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The perfect franchisee opportunity for a mother-daughter team

30 October, 20150 Comments
Always a businesswoman at heart, Antoinette Cunningham had left her career in the airline industry in Holland 25 years ago to start her own fashion business in the UK. Determined to make it a family business, she was joined by her daughter Alexandra who helped her to successfully run her numerous retail outlets until the business was eventually sold six years
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PPP ‘motivated us to double the size of our buy-to-let property portfolio’

08 October, 20150 Comments
Brothers Chris and Jeremy Tetley from Warrington had worked together in the family business for several years, finally taking over complete management of a portfolio of luxury care homes when their parents retired in
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The real reason that Fergus Wilson is selling his £100M buy to let property empire

10 July, 20140 Comments
Britain’s biggest buy-to-let landlords to sell entire portfolio of properties Sale of nearly 1,000 homes in Ashford and Maidstone area likely to net Fergus and Judith Wilson at least £100m more here This story featured in the same edition of the Guardian as did this story The law on renting needs changing: it’s far too
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How to rent a house & escape bad tenants

31 January, 20140 Comments
Whether you’re brand new to property and are just starting learning how to rent a house and what it takes to be a landlord, or whether your an old pro and have successfully run a thriving rental portfolio for many years….. You’ll probably already know that being a landlord comes with many challenges. Some are
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