property market

property market

How Closely Connected Is the Number of New Builds Per Year And the General State of the Economy in the UK?

04 September, 20170 Comments
The fates of the property market in terms of house prices and mortgage rates is always closely tied to what is going on in the economy of a country. However, the number of new building projects is not quite as clear cut in terms of its relationship with things like economic growth. House Building Projects
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Investing in Property: Is it Still Plain Sailing?

18 May, 20170 Comments
Having money tied up in bricks and mortar is a stable, relatively low risk form of investment. However, property investment still requires a good level of management to ensure that money does not go to waste, and all too often people underestimate the challenges. Here is a short review of the property investments today. The
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Upcycling – A Great Way to Furnish Rentals Without High Costs

08 May, 20170 Comments
As the property market gets busier and busier – Landlords and private homeowners are under more pressure to “provide more, for less” for their tenants. Fortunately, springs latest trend could be set to stay and it could significantly help private landlords furnish their properties without the need for high-end prices. What Is Upcycling? I’ve Never
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Health and Safety Responsibilities for Landlords

18 January, 20170 Comments
When it comes to investment, many people turn towards the property market. However, the responsibilities of being a landlord can often become blinded by the future profits and investment opportunities. As a private landlord, you have a duty of care towards your tenants; making sure that the property is safe to live in and meets
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Homes for sale ‘at a new low’

13 August, 20150 Comments
Figures show that the UK property market is being ‘starved’ as the number of homes for sale is at a record low. Research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has found that the average estate agents now only has 47 houses for sale per branch; the lowest level since records began in 1978.
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Poll suggests almost half of UK renters will never get on the property ladder.

20 July, 20150 Comments
According to an article on Property Wire; 44% of UK renters say that they will never be able to own their own home because they are unable to afford the deposit. The independent survey which was undertaken by construction and regeneration company Keepmoat; also showed that only 2% of renters plan to get onto the
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North Somerset Survey of private landlords, tenants and letting agents

12 April, 20140 Comments
Many thanks to a long-standing LRS Member for sending over a link to this survey. North Somerset Council want to hear the truth straight from private renting landlords, tenants and letting agents in the area. Will you be pulling out of the Housing Benefit market? How are additional licensing schemes affecting landlords and tenants in
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Can you get an advantage when selling your house in a Buyers market?

03 February, 20140 Comments
Everyone knows that the housing market has been struggling over the last few years and that is putting it mildly. However over the summer and autumn of 2013, I noticed that the market was starting to pick up, there were quite a lot of houses going onto the market, which is promising, but are they
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