property investment

property investment

Why tenant demand is likely to be the new constant in UK property

01 February, 20170 Comments
Tenant demand is important for any investor, and here’s why it’s not likely to go away any time soon. For anyone considering investing in the UK’s private rented sector for the first time, one of the major concerns will centre around the potential longevity of the market’s strength, and their own ability to see a
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The private rental market could change everything in Scotland

03 January, 20170 Comments
The Scottish housing market could be defined by investors purchasing land in order to build apartments for the rental market. These kinds of developments are likely to become as common as student accommodation and even though these kinds of developments are mainly seen in London, it is likely that investors are going to look to
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1.3 million people can’t all be wrong, and they are not bad tenants either

19 December, 20160 Comments
There are 1.3 million people in the UK on waiting lists for “Social Housing”, not wanting a “traditional” landlord, they can’t all be wrong. Much of the free advice for landlords is flawed and this breakthrough new book (published December 2016!) aims to set the record straight explaining, amongst other things, that by being slightly
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How to Prepare Your Property for Student Tenants

06 December, 20160 Comments
Many landlords with properties in university towns choose to take advantage of the student market. Student properties are currently under-supplied, and command strong rents. Students are also less likely to default on payments, and provide added security as they often like to rent the same property for the duration of their studies. In spite of
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The next property investment hotspots in the UK

24 October, 20160 Comments
If you are looking for your next UK investment property, where should you look?  A good place to start is by looking at past returns and forecast growths. This will give you an idea of property trends – past and present. As an example, Kent Reliance’s latest Buy To Let Britain report shows that landlords
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How often should you flip your property investments?

09 September, 20160 Comments
Flipping a property investment can often on the surface look interesting for an investor in the short term, but in reality it takes strategic planning and striking at the right time. This is our moment, FJP Investment looks at whether it is worth making moves as quick and as often as that. With so much
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Mass Buy-to-Let Selling Could be Threat to Economy

30 March, 20160 Comments
The recent boom in the buy-to-let sector could pose a threat to the economy in the event of a large-scale sell-off of properties, a senior official at the Bank of England has warned. Sir Jon Cunliffe, deputy governor for financial stability at the central bank, pointed in particular to a surge in lending to buy-to-let
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Landlords Taking Measures to Safeguard Their Profits

29 February, 20160 Comments
The various tax reforms targeting landlords announced by George Osborne last year, and taking effect over the next few years, have sent many of the UK’s landlords on the hunt for ways of protecting their profits. A number of strategies have emerged to keep property investments profitable in the Chancellor’s tough tax reforms. Most particularly, there has been
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Why now IS a good time to start your own property business

10 January, 20160 Comments
Ongoing media and think-tank campaigns talk mostly of greedy landlords, substandard property and how the growth of the private rented sector is the main catalyst for rising house prices - therefore pushing home ownership further out of reach for 'generation rent'. It can be argued that such negative perceptions have been one of the driving forces behind the latest attacks on landlords - the proposed reduction in tax relief and increased regulation such as the Right to Rent scheme. It can be argued that such negative perceptions have been one of the driving forces behind the latest attacks on landlords - the proposed reduction in tax relief and increased regulation such as the Right to Rent scheme. However, the majority of articles fail to highlight the enormous benefits of investing in buy-to-let property despite a potential rise in costs and tax bills on the horizon. Investing in buy-to-let property is an excellent way to generate long-term returns. It can give you an income now, boost your pension pot for the future, benefit from capital appreciation over time and provide a tangible legacy that you can leave to your loved ones. - See more at:
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