property damage

property damage

RSPCA and Cats Protection voice concerns on proposed Security Deposit Cap

04 July, 20170 Comments
Following the Queens Speech announcement of a cap on security deposits to be included with the new Tenants’ Fees Bill, The RSPCA and Cats Protection have voiced their concerns about removing private tenants’ flexibility to provide a higher deposit to cover the likes of pet damage. David Bowles, the RSPCA’s assistant director of external affairs,
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Advice for Landlords: Dilapidations and How to Deal with Them

07 June, 20170 Comments
As a landlord, you’ll probably agree you can have your work cut out managing even a small number of properties. Not only do you have to first find suitable tenants, you then have to make sure you letting to them in a safe and legal way, that your tenants know what your house rules are
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Where to turn when reliable renters become troublesome tenants

23 March, 20170 Comments
If you’re not familiar with the song ‘Murphy Owes Me Rent’ by Frank Harding (and why would you be, it’s from 1890), as a landlord, it is worth checking out. It tells the story of a well-respected landlord who owns several properties. In one of them lives Murphy, who hasn’t paid his rent for “many
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Property damage recovery – Are you prepared?

10 March, 20170 Comments
Being a landlord or letting agent is generally a stressful job in itself, but can be made even worse in times of crisis. (God forbid) if any of the following scenario’s took place, would you want the hassle of dealing with insurers?… There is nothing that can prepare you for the devastation caused when your
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‘Unfit’ council home payouts hit £35m over 5 years

14 February, 20170 Comments
Councils across England have paid out more than £35m in compensation and legal fees over the past five years to tenants living in “unfit” council homes. Shockingly, nearly 11,000 tenants have claimed compensation for damp, leaks and damage in their council homes and despite a two-thirds drop in the number of “unfit” homes since 2011,
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Britain’s biggest landlord now only considers those who can provide a rent guarantee

09 January, 20170 Comments
It has recently come to light that Fergus Wilson, Britain’s biggest landlord, has banned “battered wives” from his properties because he does not want to risk ex-husbands or boyfriends returning to destroy his rental accommodation. Wilson, who runs a lucrative property empire in Kent, has recently stated that he will no longer accept victims of domestic
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Tenant from hell leaves 145 animal heads strewn around the garden!

19 July, 20160 Comments
A tenant from hell left 145 severed cattle heads scattered around her rented property’s garden, to the dismay of her landlord and neighbours. Neighbours of Oksana Platonova were left in complete shock by the waste left behind at the £175,000 Siberian cottage. Ms Platonova lived in the cottage with her three children and her 56 dogs.
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Tenants from hell leave landlord with £10k damage, rent arrears and rats in the boiler!

19 July, 20162 Comments
UPDATE > The Alert Directory is now decommissioned as the data is a duplicate of the date contained within our Tenant History Reports > Click here for full details. (link) A landlord in Plymouth has been left with £10,000 worth of property damages after renting to the ‘tenants from hell’. The three-bedroom property had been the
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Tenant Referencing UK founder interviewed by

31 March, 20160 Comments
UPDATE > The Alert Directory is now decommissioned as the data is a duplicate of the date contained within our Tenant History Reports > Click here for full details. (link) Paul Routledge, one of the most successful landlords in England and the founder of landlord referencing tells us about why tenant referencing is important, his journey
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