5 Affordable Upgrades for Your Rental Properties

03 March, 20170 Comments
The upkeep and maintenance of your rental properties can be among the most stressful tasks you need to deal with. Maintaining a good standard is extremely important since it can directly influence your ability collect proper rental income now and in the future. You can’t expect your renters to pay a lot of money if
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Mould and Fungus…how to prevent it!

22 September, 20140 Comments
A horrifying fact is Mould and Fungus spores swarm in the atmosphere just as naturally as Bacteria! CAUSES OF MOULD GROWTH   In many industries especially those concerned with food processing, brewing and baking etc the conditions for mould growth are the inevitable result of the processes involved. In domestic properties, moisture is generated by
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Number of “UK Mansions” doubles in 5 years

10 July, 20140 Comments
With recent presentations for action being a Mansion Tax being put ahead on a close-to-monthly basis, we revisit the prickly question of how to really specify a “mansion”. Early brought ahead in September 2009 by the Liberal Democrats was the scheme of presenting a new yearly tax on high-value property. The basic proposal was for
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Social landlord starts key amnesty to battle housing fraud

08 May, 20140 Comments
Phoenix Community Housing in Lewisham, who have 5,500 properties, have given their illegally subletting tenants until early July to be honest and upfront, without fear of legal action. Those that are found guilty of unauthorised subletting could face up to 2 years’ imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £5,000. Chief executive Jim Ripley said:
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Super homes for Super heroes

30 April, 20140 Comments
Many thanks to Web-Blinds for providing us with this fun info-graphic. Follow them on twitter @WebBlinds Related topics: Confessions of a Nosey Neighbour [INFO-GRAPHIC] Are we turning into an isolated nation? Majority of tenants put off by neighbours from
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