Residential eviction webinar Q & A part 2

08 February, 20180 Comments
We also bring the answers to your questions from our successful November 2017 residential eviction webinar Q&A part 2. If you cannot recover any money and I want her to go bankrupt who pays for this? Do I have to pay, or does she do this on her own accord? If you wish to make the
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Residential eviction webinar Q & A part 1

19 January, 20180 Comments
Our residential eviction webinar in November was a great success, we’d like to thank everyone who attended. We bring you the answers to your questions in our webinar Q&A part one. A tenant left my property and owes approximately £4,000 and I have been to court. If I ask you to go ahead in recovering
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New Section 8 form to be released on 1st December

29 November, 20160 Comments
It has been brought to our attention that there will be a new Section 8 form for England released on Thursday 1st December 2016. Section 8, also known as the Section 8 notice to quit or the Section 8 possession notice, is a prerequisite if the landlord of an assured tenancy wishes to obtain possession
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Eviction of residential tenants Q&A – Part two

21 November, 20160 Comments
Our thanks to all those who attended our webinar in October. We had several questions from participants and bring you the second round of answers to these in part two of our Q&A. You can find part one here. If you have any other questions about evicting tenants under section 42 (s42) of the County
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Writs of possession key facts

27 September, 20161 Comments
A High Court writ of possession instructs a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) to recover the property or land on behalf of the owner from tenants or trespassers. It proceedings were started in the County Court, an order for possession will have been awarded which will need to be transferred up to the High Court
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70% of landlords prefer good tenants to high rents

12 September, 20161 Comments
We all know that the mainstream media makes it’s money in portraying landlords as greedy investors, who’s number one priority is to take advantage of their tenants at any expense. However a new study shows that buy to let landlords in the UK would rather good tenants than extra cash. Rents on new tenancies may have continued
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