LANDLORD & AGENT WARNING over butane use to produce super-strength cannabis

08 August, 20160 Comments
A highly-dangerous new method of making super-strength cannabis is emerging in Britain, police and firefighters say. BHO or butane hash oil uses large amounts of the flammable gas, which can explode with devastating consequences. A BBC investigation has learned of two deaths and 27 people being injured across the UK since 2014, as a result
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Tenant Cannabis Farm

Landlord £10,000 cost of tenant’s drugs farm

04 February, 20160 Comments
A landlord has spoken out to the Wigan Today and asked to remain anonymous, has had thousands of pounds worth of damage to his property after it was turned into a cannabis farm The landlord was happy with the tenant who had been living in the property for four years and regularly visited to carry
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Dagenham raid finds 55 people living in three properties

17 August, 20150 Comments
On Friday council and police officers raided addresses on Manor Road, Japan Road and Forkdyke Road in Dagenham and found that 55 people were living in just these three properties. The raid was run by Barking and Dagenham Councils Private Landlord Team, who run one of two such schemes in th country as part of
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Landlord faces investigation

12 August, 20150 Comments
A landlord is facing an investigation for allegedly charging £500 a month to rent a ‘bedroom’ with only space for a mat on the floor after officers from Newham Council visited the property in East Ham on Monday. Newham council have a compulsory licensing scheme in place, whereby landlords now have to register who is
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Landlords are being recruited to fight the war on human trafficking.

30 July, 20150 Comments
Scotland landlords are now being asked to help fight the war against human trafficking as new UK legislation is raising the spectre of life sentences for modern-day slavers; a major initiative is looking to identify where smuggled people are staying. This warning comes after similar appeals to householders to be vigilant for cannabis farms and
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Durham police relaxed cannabis policy to affect landlords?

29 July, 20150 Comments
Durham Police are to let small-scale ‘personal’ growers off with just a warning in a shift to cut costs and focus on bigger offenders; they have suggested that personal use is not a priority for enforcement however landlords should be aware that their properties might be at risk. The RLA has expressed their concerns that
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Tenant jailed for trashing housemate’s room

05 February, 20150 Comments
A tenant has been jailed for burglary after trashing his housemate’s room by pouring cooking oil and food over his housemate’s carpet and belongings. Michael Llewellyn received 18 months on February 4 for breaking into the man’s locked room. Nottingham Crown Court heard that Llewellyn had been drinking when he decided to damage his housemate’s property. The two
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Police turn down networking as a way of stopping anti-social behaviour

09 May, 20140 Comments
IT IS OFFICIAL! After a long awaited meeting with the Avon and Somerset Police Force and the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, LandlordReferencing.co.uk has received confirmation today from Sue Mountstevens via email that she “does not feel that Landlord Referencing is something that she can lend her support to” because she is “concerned
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Another landlord licensing scheme to throw the voters off ? …

24 April, 20140 Comments
Stoke-on-Trent City Council is to introduce a Selective Licensing scheme in the Portland Street area of Cobridge. The area is well known for anti-social behaviour, being the second most deprived in Stoke-on-Trent, and according to council figures 88% of people in the area have a problem with ASB. Of the 797 properties in Portland Street, 394
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