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owner occupier


Landlords vs. Owner-Occupiers: Is There Any Advantage When Buying a Property?

28 October, 20150 Comments
The common perception is that buy-to-let investors have an advantage over owner-occupiers when it comes to property purchases, and that this advantage is a result of more favourable tax rules. However, even a cursory glance over recent, relevant headlines shows that the climate for landlords is growing less favourable with harsh taxes set for introduction,
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Rogue landlords and the review of property conditions in the private rented sector

19 February, 20140 Comments
Rogue landlords are very much in the news nowadays – even if you’re not remotely interested in the PRS, you can’t get far without hearing about landlords illegally housing their tenants in sheds, and worse.  There are plenty of schemes (existing and proposed) – mainly run by local authorities – to deal with them –
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LRS announces the launch of new property portal for investors to buy/sell

28 January, 20140 Comments
Landlord Referencing Services in association with Property Tribes is pleased to announce the launch of RIGHTYieldUK, a new niche portal for investors to buy and sell property. A favourite U.K. property mantra is “Location! Location! Location!”, but this is only applicable to owner occupiers. Investors have a different mindset that is not necessarily focused on geographic
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