Tenant’s anti-social behaviour lands BTL investor with £16k fine

26 May, 20170 Comments
A private landlord who ignored warnings from the police and the council has been handed a £16,000 fine, due to his tenant’s anti-social actions. Buy to let investor Jason Duffield, who lives in Birmingham, was handed a restraining order by police last year because of the noise coming from the rental property in Tamworth. He was
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Court injunction issued against nightmare tenant in the North West

22 September, 20161 Comments
A nightmare tenant has received a five-year County Court injunction after causing utter misery for their neighbours in a Crewe cul-de-sac. Wulvern Housing secured the injunction for threatening, violent and abusive behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse, noise nuisance and damage to property in Eadie Grove. This behaviour had a huge impact on residents living in the
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How to be the Perfect Tenant

17 August, 20161 Comments
When you move into a rental property you hope to get the ‘perfect’ landlord – sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. But while the landlord has a responsibility to you as a tenant, you also have responsibilities to him or her, as your landlord. So, here’s how you can ensure you are
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Man shot dead at sex pool party in £1m rented home

26 July, 20160 Comments
Police have launched a murder probe following a Surrey sex party held in a £1m rented home over the weekend, where one of the party-goers was shot dead. Arranged by Jamaican rapper Jason White and his wealthy girlfriend, officers and paramedics were called to a £1million bungalow in Church Lane, Headley at 2.30am after neighbours
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Social landlord starts key amnesty to battle housing fraud

08 May, 20140 Comments
Phoenix Community Housing in Lewisham, who have 5,500 properties, have given their illegally subletting tenants until early July to be honest and upfront, without fear of legal action. Those that are found guilty of unauthorised subletting could face up to 2 years’ imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £5,000. Chief executive Jim Ripley said:
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Private Rent Arrears decreasing as Social Housing debt rises

06 May, 20140 Comments
Last month Landlord Referencing Services recorded a significant dip in it’s unique Tenant Alert upload system compared to the month before. April 2014 Tenant Alert Statistics – CLICK HERE TO READ ON. April 2014 Website Traffic Statistics – CLICK HERE TO READ ON. This begs the question: what with more and more landlords and letting
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What can you do when hell is on your doorstep?

02 April, 20140 Comments
In the UK our neighbours can often live too close to home; outlined last night by Channel 5’s new series “The Nightmare Neighbour From Hell”, revealing the traumatic, shocking, humourous and occasionally bizarre experiences of victims of nightmare neighbours. With 1 in 5 of us having been in an argument with our close neighbours, out of
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Rogue landlords and the review of property conditions in the private rented sector

19 February, 20140 Comments
Rogue landlords are very much in the news nowadays – even if you’re not remotely interested in the PRS, you can’t get far without hearing about landlords illegally housing their tenants in sheds, and worse.  There are plenty of schemes (existing and proposed) – mainly run by local authorities – to deal with them –
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