Advice for Families with Children Who Are Moving Across the Country

03 November, 20170 Comments
In the United States, more than 35 million people moved in 2015, and 60.6 percent of the moves were to another state. Most moves were related to housing, such as wanting a larger home or seeking a less expensive mortgage. Other reasons revolved around family, changes in work or health, or a desire for a
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6 year anti-social behaviour campaign finally curbed

07 May, 20140 Comments
Yesterday nightmare neighbours from hell, in the Kings Norton area of Birmingham, were issued with Anti-social Behaviour Injunctions. Eugene Bird, 54, Sean Bird, 21, and Michael Bird, 19, from the Hawkesley Estate have had their council house re-possessed and each have received a 2 year Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction. Since 2008 the family have made the
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What can you do when hell is on your doorstep?

02 April, 20140 Comments
In the UK our neighbours can often live too close to home; outlined last night by Channel 5’s new series “The Nightmare Neighbour From Hell”, revealing the traumatic, shocking, humourous and occasionally bizarre experiences of victims of nightmare neighbours. With 1 in 5 of us having been in an argument with our close neighbours, out of
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£230k Landlords watch out …

18 March, 20140 Comments
Following on from a recent post : “Here we go again – nothing about bad tenants…” sent in via an LRS landlord in Barnsley they have followed it up with the letter below. Are you a good landlord who operates within these areas of Barnsley? Have you ever had a bad tenant? Are you happy
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How Safe Is Your Area?

21 February, 20140 Comments
Whether you have lived in the same place for a number of years and intend to stay put, or are looking to up sticks to somewhere new it is always a good idea to get informed about the area in question. Making yourself aware of the crime rates could determine future decisions or simply give
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“Here we go again – nothing about bad tenants…”

17 February, 20140 Comments
( Please click on the newspaper cutting below to enlarge ) Thank you to an LRS landlord member who emailed us this cutting from their local newspaper. Are you a good landlord who operates within these areas of Barnsley? Have you ever had a bad tenant? Are you happy with the way that you are
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Confessions of a Nosey Neighbour [INFO-GRAPHIC]

25 October, 20130 Comments
Many thanks to Blinds Supermarket for providing us with this interesting info-graphic. Follow them on twitter @blindssmkt Related topics: Are we turning into an isolated nation? Invitation of ideas as to how your community can be improved. Anti-social tenants – A new Bill set to make a
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