Increase in private tenants looking to protect their deposit from accidental damage charges

15 August, 20170 Comments
As the amount of private landlords deciding to ditch taking deposits increases, Tenant Referencing UK thought it the ideal time to look into why this is and attempt to bridge the gap to enable a smooth tenancy for all parties involved. We caught up with MyDeposits and asked: What does a deposit actually cover a private tenant for?
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Landlord ordered to pay over £8,000 for catalogue of health and safety hazards

18 January, 20170 Comments
An unscrupulous landlord who failed to maintain his rental property, which included mould and a leaking toilet, has been prosecuted by Woking Borough Council. Landlord Alan Kevin Fowler, of 22 Bainton Mead, Woking GU21 3LW, has been ordered to pay out a total of £8,432 for failing to carry out essential work despite being served
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One in five tenants fall victim to rogue landlords, but what about rogue tenants?

14 November, 20160 Comments
According to new research there are a significant amount of private landlords failing to keep their rental properties up to a safe and habitable standard, with one in five UK tenants describing their existing renting conditions as a “nightmare”. A study by found around 740,000 rented homes in Britain are in a ‘poor condition’ and
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Rogue landlords in North Somerset could face court

23 June, 20160 Comments
Rogue landlords in Weston-super-Mare could be prosecuted by the council in the authority’s latest attempt to tackle the town’s poor quality housing issue. A new council report says people living in the deprived town centre face a lifetime of bad health, poor housing, high crime and poverty. A third of the ward’s privately rented homes
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Mould and Fungus…how to prevent it!

22 September, 20140 Comments
A horrifying fact is Mould and Fungus spores swarm in the atmosphere just as naturally as Bacteria! CAUSES OF MOULD GROWTH   In many industries especially those concerned with food processing, brewing and baking etc the conditions for mould growth are the inevitable result of the processes involved. In domestic properties, moisture is generated by
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Majority of tenants put off by neighbours from hell

28 August, 20130 Comments
According to the latest figures complied by Ocean Finance, the majority of tenants find disruptive neighbours the most off putting factor when looking for rental accommodation. The report found that over half (55%) of tenants looking for housing would be put off the most by noisy neighbours; with only a third of under 35s annoyed,
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Getting to know your damp and mould expert

14 June, 20130 Comments
If you don’t know your damp from your mould you could end up getting fleeced, this article describes the kind of symptoms to look out for so that you don’t get the wrong advice and waste money on the wrong solution. Damp, is a generic word that basically covers a multitude of moisture damage in
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A national register for dodgy landlords?

29 May, 20130 Comments
Labour’s Policy Review explores new ideas on the private rented sector to "drive standards up and bad landlords out." These "new ideas" include creating a national register of private landlords, a new national private rented property standard, stamping out the use of “retaliatory eviction”
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