Could You Take The Leap from Renting to Buying?

18 September, 20170 Comments
There’s no doubt that taking the leap from renting a property to owning one outright is a huge step. However, it’s also a huge leap forward in the right direction and can be the catalyst that sets you up for years to come. However, renting is a lot different from owning as it comes with
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As Home Ownership hits 30 year low, rent guarantee insurance popularity increases

02 August, 20161 Comments
New research reveals major cities across the UK are experiencing the lowest levels of home ownership since the 1980’s, following a peak in the early 2000’s. In 1986 the average first time buyer could purchase a home for just £30,000, which would barely cover a deposit in 2016 – the average first time buyer now has to find at least £150,000 in today’s market. Firmly
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84% of landlords likely to consider increasing rents

11 July, 20162 Comments
New research from the Residential Landlords Association shows that private landlords are being forced to increase rents just to meet their mortgage obligations and other costs. Thanks to the Chancellor’s tax clampdown on buy-to-let, as well as rising letting costs, many landlords profits have been completely wiped out. Therefore rent hikes are the inevitable aftereffect
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Buy To Let: 6 Things You Need To Know

22 June, 20161 Comments
Thinking of investing in property? You’re far from alone. In November alone more than 20,000 buy to let mortgages were issued. Granted, that figure was inflated for reasons we’ll come to later, but the attraction of putting money into homes persists. If you’re tempted to follow suit, you’ll need to make sure your investment is
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Will new mortgage lending criteria force rents up even higher?

01 June, 20160 Comments
Next year, new guidelines for mortgage lending criteria come into force prior to new tax rules and this could mean that buy-to-let investments are just for wealthier or more experienced investors which will make it harder for first time investors to enter into the market. Following on from the increase to the minimum rental cover
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Nationwide increase maximum mortgage age to 85

09 May, 20160 Comments
Nationwide have announced that from this July they will be increasing the maximum age of mortgage maturity from 75 to 85. The move has come to meet the growing demand to get on the housing ladder, and will be available on all of Nationwide’s standard mortgages up to 60% LTV with a maximum loan size
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Expat homeowners could suffer if Britain leave the EU

03 May, 20160 Comments
For British property buyers, Spain was the number one destination in 2015 but with the possible Brexit on the horizon this could all change. In recent years, Spain has remained the top Mediterranean destination for those British buyers looking to purchase abroad. During 2015, the number of property sales in Spain increased by 90%. This
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The Times | Implications of not having Rent Guarantee Insurance

12 April, 20161 Comments
A Tenant Referencing UK landlord member has helpfully sent in this latest article from The Times: PORTFOLIO THERAPY: ‘My goal is to run a B&B in Majorca’. The reason the landlord sent this in is because of the advice that The Times ‘Experts’ have provided isn’t exactly the most proactive guidance. Best Practice for Landlords If The Price
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