Buying Advice for Millennials: What to do with your First Property

10 May, 20170 Comments
Being a first-time buyer can be a daunting enough experience, but when you add into the mix a lack of savings and student debt (which a high number of Millennials are burdened with) it can make this even trickier. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then to know that parental assistance is on the rise
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Planning a Home Renovation? 5 Things to Remember

21 July, 20161 Comments
Are you planning a home renovation? It’s exciting, but there are a number of things you need to remember before you dive in. Here are five key things to keep in mind… You need a budget The biggest consideration when renovating a property is, of course, your budget. It’s incredibly important to spend sufficient time
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How much do you know about the survey your mortgage lender is trying to sell you?

28 December, 20130 Comments
In general terms, there are 3 types of ‘survey’ that your mortgage lender will try to sell you. A Valuation (This is NOT a survey, it is entirely for the benefit of the Lender to secure the loan, it does not benefit the buyer at all) A Homebuyers Report (This is a valuation and a
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30 November, 20130 Comments
I suspect that the vast majority of people would answer that question with a resounding ‘NO’. Ok, well what about if I said ‘would you buy a house without a survey?’ Even though a house is likely to be the biggest investment most people will make, I think there would be several different answers to
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Do debt recovery agencies have a duty to be more thorough ?

23 July, 20130 Comments
This morning there was an interesting segment on BBC Two which raised some important questions for us all regarding the way our personal information is being gathered and used. “Don’t Get Done Get Dom” helped a man restore his credit rating after being chased for thousands of pounds worth of someone else’s debt, over 8 years.
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Third of UK’s private rented stock unaffordable says new report

15 July, 20130 Comments
A new report out today has revealed that most of southern England is now off limits to less affluent / low-income families wanting to rent a home. The Home Truths Report, from the Resolution Foundation, is the first of its kind to give a comprehensive assessment of where less affluent families can reasonably afford to
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£1bn backing for Business Bank to help small firms.

24 September, 20120 Comments
Vince Cable has announced that he has secured Treasury approval to set up a new “business bank”, with the aim of opening up £10 billion worth of finance to small and medium-sized British firms. Chancellor George Osborne has agreed to set aside £1bn to establish a British Business Bank, in what Liberal Democrats are hailing
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