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10 good reasons to join LRS in 2014

30 December, 20130 Comments
WHY should landlords and letting agents join the only network in the UK that can prevent them from taking someone else’s bad tenant in the new year? You can become the “Gate-keeper” to your community, stopping the bad tenants from setting down roots. Welfare reform via Universal Credit – where, once implemented, you may never
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Rent arrears are escalating, but not for those who regularly use tenant referencing

12 December, 20130 Comments
With the UK in danger of falling into a national rent crisis, as arrears are becoming the fastest growing debt dilemma, LRS would like to take this opportunity to press home the importance of referencing applicant tenants before tenure – before it’s too late. The Money Advice Trust charity has revealed that in the first
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Mercy for ‘Cannabis farm in the barn’ landlord!

16 August, 20122 Comments
A ‘naive’ dairy farming landlord from Stoke-on-Trent has been spared jail, after being duped by his two drug dealing tenants. Between April and August 2011 David Houghton & Ian Adderly fitted Andrew Titterton’s barn with a hydroponic watering system, lights and fans which were fed off electricity stolen from the mains. When police raided the property,
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Tougher action to tackle troubled families.

11 June, 20126 Comments
Over the weekend Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has called for tougher action on troubled families – aiming to ‘turn around’ 120,000 troubled families nationally by the end of this Parliament, cut crime & unemployment significantly and also cut the cost to tax payers. The Communities Secretary said: ‘Sometimes when
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