Selective Licensing will increase costs for tenants living in South Yorkshire ?

25 July, 20170 Comments
It has come to our attention there is growing concern that the introduction of Selective Licensing will increase the cost of living for tenants residing in rented housing across South Yorkshire. The Doncaster Selective Licensing consultation came to an end on 11th July, where the council are proposing a fee of £515 for each rented property.
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*EXCLUSIVE* Landlords could take Local Authority to ombudsman over maladministration

01 October, 20160 Comments
Following the success of the Somerset Property Network this Summer, a group of landlords in Bristol met on Thursday evening to discuss the way forward on Selective Licensing issues across the city. On the eve of the Eastville and St George licensing application deadline, 20 professional buy-to-let investors got together to discuss their collective belief that the process of
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North Somerset Council, Landlord Licencing

Landlord licensing hits North Somerset

15 January, 20160 Comments
North Somerset Council has started a consultation period for a proposed new licensing scheme. According to a local paper, people living in ‘damp, cold and poorly maintained’ property in North Somerset will soon see their living conditions improve if a licensing scheme is approved which will place ‘strict new conditions’ on private landlords. The changes
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Campaign Against Landlord Licensing is calling on those against local authority licensing regimes to contribute towards a judicial review

04 February, 20150 Comments
A body calling itself the Campaign Against Landlord Licensing is calling on those against local authority licensing regimes to contribute towards a judicial review of one council’s policy, seen as a test case which may determine the future of the policy elsewhere. “A high court judge has already decided our case has merit. We need
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Police turn down networking as a way of stopping anti-social behaviour

09 May, 20140 Comments
IT IS OFFICIAL! After a long awaited meeting with the Avon and Somerset Police Force and the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, has received confirmation today from Sue Mountstevens via email that she “does not feel that Landlord Referencing is something that she can lend her support to” because she is “concerned
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North Somerset Survey of private landlords, tenants and letting agents

12 April, 20140 Comments
Many thanks to a long-standing LRS Member for sending over a link to this survey. North Somerset Council want to hear the truth straight from private renting landlords, tenants and letting agents in the area. Will you be pulling out of the Housing Benefit market? How are additional licensing schemes affecting landlords and tenants in
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Oldham Council proposes Selective Licensing scheme

24 March, 20140 Comments
Another local authority is proposing a consultation to find out if it needs to bring in a Selective Licensing scheme for private renting landlords. If the plan is approved by Oldham Council’s cabinet the formal consultation would involve residents, private landlords, businesses and other stakeholders in 16 areas across the borough. Selective Licensing schemes aim
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BREAKING NEWS: Tenant register and tenant referencing now a legal requirement…

11 December, 20130 Comments
…In 2031! But what if? And why not? What with landlords in Scotland already having a national register of landlords, ongoing debates regarding the introduction of a mandatory registration and licensing scheme in Wales – how long is it going to be before we see this introduced in England? Is this really about fairness and
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