lettings industry

lettings industry

£926k worth of tenancy deposits stolen in 2017

02 January, 20180 Comments
Fresh analysis from the industry reveals that rogue letting agents were convicted of stealing just over £926,000 worth of tenancy deposits last year. Deposit-free renting firm Dlighted, who keep a running total of the cash value of deposits criminal letting agents have been convicted of stealing, reports that by the of the final quarter of
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Brexit: How Have Landlords Been Affected?

02 August, 20160 Comments
New research from BRDC continental shows that more than 65% of landlords are worried about the impact of Brexit on the private rental sector.  The research says that majority of landlords were unsure or concerned about what the EU referendum meant for the rental sector. BDRC’s data shows that 40% of landlords feel that result
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329 daily reasons to join Tenant Referencing UK

31 May, 20160 Comments
There are now more than 1.75million buy to let landlords in the UK, which amounts to 329 new landlords joining the lettings industry each and every day! Research carried out by a large estate agent also found that: Over the last year the number of buy-to-let landlords rose by 7% £14.2 billion a year is made in
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Rise of Online Lettings – What Are You Actually Paying For?

18 March, 20163 Comments
After attending the NLA & Birmingham City Council Landlords Forum on the 10th March and The South West’s Biggest Landlord Expo yesterday, we’d like to ask those of you who use online letting agents: what are you actually getting for your money? With the likes of Openrent, Purple Bricks, Rentify, Upad and LettingaProperty.com all offering complete
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As the amount of UK renters continues to rise tenants are now actively making lifestyle choices

15 March, 20140 Comments
Buy to let insurance firm Homelet have revealed new research that shows private renting tenants are having to make lifestyle changes due to increasing rents within the sector. The research shows that : PRS tenants paid an average 2.3% extra in rent payments The average buy to let rent in February stood at £818 Year-on-year
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BREAKING NEWS: Tenant register and tenant referencing now a legal requirement…

11 December, 20130 Comments
…In 2031! But what if? And why not? What with landlords in Scotland already having a national register of landlords, ongoing debates regarding the introduction of a mandatory registration and licensing scheme in Wales – how long is it going to be before we see this introduced in England? Is this really about fairness and
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Yet again, one law for tenants and another law for landlords

18 October, 20130 Comments
This week Eric Pickles has announced that millions of tenants will get a better deal when they rent a home, under new plans to help hardworking people. An ambitious package of proposals has been released by the Secretary of State to ensure England’s 9 million private renting tenants are protected from being ripped off by
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