landlord referencing

landlord referencing

Judicial Review of Section 24 – Tenant Tax | Fundraising deadline extended

04 May, 20160 Comments
A record-breaking crowd-funding campaign which has seen £100,000 raised since the start of 2016, to fund a Judicial Review of Section 24, has now been extended until the end of June. Steve Bolton, Founder and Chairman of Platinum Property Partners (Platinum), and fellow landlord Chris Cooper, are calling on all landlords, tenants, letting agents and others who
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New restrictions on buy-to-let borrowing creates Section 13 onslaught

03 May, 20160 Comments
Following the Mortgage Works’s decision to limit the amount landlord investors are allowed to borrow, UK mortgage lenders across the board are expected to follow suit. Announced last week, from the 11th May (2016) The Mortgage Works will tighten their rental cover requirement (the amount a landlord needs to take in rents compared to the cost
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Judicial Review of Section 24 – Tenant Tax | Another £50K raised in two weeks

28 April, 20161 Comments
Following a record-breaking crowd-funding campaign, which saw £50,000 raised in just eight days, to launch a legal case against the Government on ‘ludicrous’ buy-to-let tax relief changes, the co-claimants have now completed phase two in just two weeks! Steve Bolton, Founder and Chairman of Platinum Property Partners (Platinum), and fellow landlord Chris Cooper, are calling
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Let commercial properties with TR Lettings

27 April, 20160 Comments
Following an influx of enquiries over the weekend from commercial landlords looking to use the latest offer(s) available at TR Lettings, we are happy to announce that commercial landlords are also welcome to use the system too. As residential buy-to-let property continues to be a popular option right across the UK, commercial lettings have many advantages for investors too. These include higher yields,
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Are CCJs registered on a tenants credit file automatically ?…

26 April, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii Are CCJs registered on a tenants credit file automatically? If not, how do I get my judgements registered? Samii says No it is not automatically registered, which is why the Tenant Referencing UK system is such a useful tool for landlords and letting agents who’ve been left with unpaid rent arrears and/or property damages. If
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Rogue tenant ‘list’ | 7 years worth of live data already available at Tenant Referencing UK

26 April, 20167 Comments
The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) have spoken out about the need for a rogue tenants list to be included in The Housing and Planning Bill, as well as measures to tackle criminal landlords and letting agents. Included in the bill are proposals to ban and fine criminal landlords and letting agents, introduce rent repayment
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Insure and Protect Your Property – Don’t regret it like this landlord did…

25 April, 20161 Comments
As we all begin the working week, at Tenant Referencing UK we’d like to make sure that you’re all aware of the implications of using inferior rent guarantee insurance products coupled with your referencing reports. At the end of last week we spoke to a landlord who had been tempted by a referencing offer from
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Reference a student and their guarantor for just £60 at Tenant Referencing UK

25 April, 20162 Comments
As University students near their last term, at Tenant Referencing UK we are enjoying the usual influx of landlords referencing their next batch of students in preparation for the coming year. This has seen a rise in the following questions that we’d like to go through again, to make sure that you all understand everything that’s on
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Landlord fined for failing to provide tenant references

22 April, 20160 Comments
A landlord has been fined over £500, after failing to supply tenant references to her council. The Dean Bank, Ferryhill Selective Licensing designation was set up in 2013 in County Durham to ensure properties are managed appropriately and licensed in accordance with the Housing Act 2004. So this means that their landlords are required to carry
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