landlord law

landlord law

Property Tax is Getting to Be Taxing for Landlords

01 March, 20170 Comments
While the general rule regarding the law and tax in particular is that ignorance is no excuse, it’s easy to see why many buy-to-let landlords have been left confused and concerned over a flurry of recent tax changes.  Here is a brief explanation of the three key changes and what they mean. Stamp duty surcharge
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One million landlords risking imprisonment and/or fines as new immigration check legislation comes into force

05 December, 20160 Comments
As we enter the first week of Right to Rent being criminalized, our latest poll shows that 50% of landlords are unaware of their legal obligations when it comes to checking whether applicant tenants have the ‘Right to Rent’ in the UK. New parts of the Immigration Act 2016 came into effect from last Thursday
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My agent uses another referencing company, can I use your referencing instead?

10 November, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii My agent uses another referencing company who don’t supply Tenant Histories.  I don’t feel that the referencing they offer is in my best interests, but I still want them to manage my properties. So is it possible for me to use your service as an ad-on to their basic referencing? Samii says Yes
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Free online maintenance and repair tracking tool for private landlords

19 October, 20162 Comments
The National Landlords Code of Excellence Ltd have launched a free Property Maintenance and Repair Report facility for private renting tenants, to help tackle the age-old problem of maintenance/repair issues between UK landlords and their tenants. Landlords are really on the front line and under fire from all angles in the current climate. With more and more
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MyDeposits Landlord Lifecycle

07 March, 20161 Comments
A comprehensive guide covering the essentials of letting property to tenants. Your free landlord guide covers:   Your legal obligations as a landlord throughout the tenancy, Best practice tips and advice for ensuring the tenancy runs smoothly, Links to other useful resources you might need along the way. Chapters covered in the guide include: Get the right
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Rogue landlords and the review of property conditions in the private rented sector

19 February, 20140 Comments
Rogue landlords are very much in the news nowadays – even if you’re not remotely interested in the PRS, you can’t get far without hearing about landlords illegally housing their tenants in sheds, and worse.  There are plenty of schemes (existing and proposed) – mainly run by local authorities – to deal with them –
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BREAKING NEWS: Tenant register and tenant referencing now a legal requirement…

11 December, 20130 Comments
…In 2031! But what if? And why not? What with landlords in Scotland already having a national register of landlords, ongoing debates regarding the introduction of a mandatory registration and licensing scheme in Wales – how long is it going to be before we see this introduced in England? Is this really about fairness and
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Houses in Multiple Occupation

22 January, 20132 Comments
House in multiple occupation (HMO) is a term used to describe accommodation in which part of the property is shared by multiple, unrelated households. These are becoming increasingly popular with investors and residential landlords as the yields on HMOs can be significantly higher than for other properties. However, owning and running an HMO does work
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