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MP’s reject legislation to force landlords to ensure rented accommodation are ‘fit for human habitation’

14 January, 20160 Comments
On Tuesday night, MP’s voted to reject a proposal that would require landlords to make their properties “fit for human habitation” as part of an amendment to the new Housing and Planning Bill. Conservative MPs voted against the labour proposed legislation by 312 votes to 219, a majority of 93. Teresa Pearce, the shadow housing
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Number of “UK Mansions” doubles in 5 years

10 July, 20140 Comments
With recent presentations for action being a Mansion Tax being put ahead on a close-to-monthly basis, we revisit the prickly question of how to really specify a “mansion”. Early brought ahead in September 2009 by the Liberal Democrats was the scheme of presenting a new yearly tax on high-value property. The basic proposal was for
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Labour now gets involved in Letting Agent fees issue

07 July, 20140 Comments
This was commented upon in Letting Agent Today, click link below: http://www.lettingagenttoday.c…..Itemid=857 This item is of particular interest to us here at LRS now that we have moved to Bristol and concerns a local Action Group, Acorn, who are keen to ask agents to ‘justify themselves’.  As an ex letting agent myself, of over 20
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Labour Party write open letter to letting agents

08 May, 20140 Comments
An open letter to letting agents, calling on them to end charging fees to tenants, is now live on the Labour party website. The letter, written by shadow minister for housing Emma Reynolds, says: Private renting is now the norm for 9 million people, including 1.3 million families. Many face unstable short-term lets and high letting
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Labour to cap landlords rent on buy to let homes

01 May, 20140 Comments
Ed Miliband will announce today that a future Labour Government would cap annual rent increases in the private rented sector and scrap letting fees to estate agents – echoing the 1960s and ’70s rent controls that are widely blamed for damaging the property sector. In a bid to end “excessive” rent rises and give a
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‘Lost decade’ of building means England now 1 million homes short

26 March, 20140 Comments
An average of just 115,000 new homes have been built since a major housing report warned a decade ago that at least 210,000 new homes a year would need to be built in England, to prevent a worsening housing crisis. According to the author of the original government-commissioned report, Kate Barker, it means that the country
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70% of tenants fall into arrears

10 September, 20130 Comments
Following the introduction of the “Bedroom Tax” the amount of tenants struggling to pay their rent in Bristol has increased from 40% to 70%, according to a Labour councillor. Data gathered by the Landlord Services report reveals that tenants affected by the tax are in arrears at an average of £182.28, up from the introduction
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WILL the bedroom tax cut under-occupation?

14 February, 20131 Comments
Nick Clegg has insisted that the penalties for the under-occupation of social housing will help to address the shortage of homes in the UK. Under the government’s penalties for under-occupation of social housing, widely known as the ‘bedroom tax’, working-age social tenants claiming housing benefit who are deemed to have spare rooms will have their
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Extended tenancies could trigger rent arrears increase

28 January, 20130 Comments
In response to Labour’s call for longer tenancy agreements the Council of Mortgage Lenders have responded by warning that such agreements could lead to a rise in rent arrears. Labour argues that the private sector should give stability and financial certainty to private renters by offering predictable rents over a long period. Longer-term tenancies and
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