Bringing a New Lease of Life to Living Rooms

23 May, 20160 Comments
Renovating a property is one of the surest ways to earn cash: provided you don’t run over budget or invest more time than you can afford, you’ll swiftly increase the value of a rundown home by refurbishing it. It’s a challenging undertaking, but it’s perfectly possible to give a building a little TLC and make
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HMOs outperforming BTL

19 August, 20150 Comments
According to The Mistoria Group, North West HMO’s are now outperforming single occupancy buy to let investments; which is driving more investment in student HMOs. Between the four year period between 2010-14 analysis has found that HMOs were the best performing asset class when comparing HMOs rented to young professionals against standard single occupancy buy-to-let
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LRS announces the launch of new property portal for investors to buy/sell

28 January, 20140 Comments
Landlord Referencing Services in association with Property Tribes is pleased to announce the launch of RIGHTYieldUK, a new niche portal for investors to buy and sell property. A favourite U.K. property mantra is “Location! Location! Location!”, but this is only applicable to owner occupiers. Investors have a different mindset that is not necessarily focused on geographic
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Fracking Hell! Is your property at risk?

22 August, 20130 Comments
With hundreds of activists currently targeting oil-drilling operation sites around the country, Landlord Referencing would like to address whether the steadily improving UK property market could be put at future risk via shale gas drilling. Anyone who watches the news will have seen the extraordinary scenes that unfolded on Monday, of anti-fracking and climate protesters
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