interest rates

interest rates

Brexit is Providing Opportunities for First Time Buyers

15 September, 20160 Comments
Two months since the UK voted to leave the EU, we’ve sat down with our Managing Director, Mark Hobbs, to discuss the changes we have seen in this short period, and what it means for the average Brit. Buying a House Post-Brexit Mark believes that the financial measures The Bank of England, Government and UK
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Homeowners re-mortgaging ahead of rate rise

12 August, 20150 Comments
According to a report on the BBC the number of home-owners re-mortgaging increased by 30% in June – the highest level since September 2013, as borrowers locked in to new deals ahead of the rise in interest rates. The figures were provided from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). During June; 31,600 households changed their
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Chief economist at Bank of England says that interest rates should stay low

21 October, 20140 Comments
Andrew Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England, has said that interest rates should stay low to prevent long term stagnation. In a speech he said he was downbeat over the UK economy because of low wage growth, weaker global growth and both financial and political risks. He said:  “Put in rather plainer English,
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The Bank’s director says that property costs should be determined by market conditions

07 July, 20140 Comments
The Bank of England cannot curb rapidly rising house prices and will not attempt to do so, the institution’s new director of financial stability has said. Spencer Dale, who was appointed on June 1 after six years as the Bank’s chief economist, told the Mail on Sunday that house prices will be “determined by the
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If you raised the rent would your tenants fall into arrears ?

18 March, 20140 Comments
As the Chancellor puts the finishing touches to his Budget, due to be delivered tomorrow, coupled with the government stating that the UK’s economy is on the road to recovery – LRS would like to ask are your tenants flush or if you raised the rents would they fall into arrears? Business in the big
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A bottle of wine or a bad tenant? – What a choice to make!

25 February, 20140 Comments
Last week we heard that the Bank of England was not going to raise interest rates until Mid-2015 and one of the reasons for raising rates was because savers were suffering. I questioned whether those savers were big corporations who had vast swathes of cash or just pensioners that received more money in interest and
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