housing crisis

housing crisis

Sex for shelter- One scandalous result of our housing crisis.

11 September, 20180 Comments
Sex for shelter- One scandalous result of our housing crisis. When you hear of vulnerable young people paying for shelter with sexual favours, what country springs to mind? We would be willing to bet that the UK isn’t the first place that you thought of. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening right here in one of
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Landlords push for stamp duty surcharge u-turn to help solve housing crisis

11 January, 20170 Comments
Buy to let landlords in Wales are calling on the government to help kick start the Welsh housing market by amending or abolishing the 3% stamp duty surcharge currently imposed on residential properties and second homes. Nine months on since the stamp duty changes on second properties and buy-to-let continues to operate at lower levels than
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Thousands March in London to end housing crisis “March For Homes”

04 February, 20150 Comments
At midday today (Saturday 31st January) March For Homes took place in London. Hundreds of people marched to City Hall to draw attention to the London housing crisis and the lack of affordable homes. Banners were carried saying: “PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT” “CONTROL RENTS” “BUILD HOMES” In Shoreditch, campaigners held aloft a huge banner which read
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‘Lost decade’ of building means England now 1 million homes short

26 March, 20140 Comments
An average of just 115,000 new homes have been built since a major housing report warned a decade ago that at least 210,000 new homes a year would need to be built in England, to prevent a worsening housing crisis. According to the author of the original government-commissioned report, Kate Barker, it means that the country
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Politics VS Environment | The bigger picture on Fracking …

13 January, 20140 Comments
As David Cameron promises local authorities all of the business rates collected from shale gas schemes, via the controversial method of “fracking”, Landlord Referencing wants to know if the gas runs out how do we create more gas? With a population of around 61 million the number of households in the UK is approximately 26
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Lawyers say anti-squatting law should be repealed

26 March, 20132 Comments
Squatting in a residential building became a criminal offence throughout England and Wales on 1st September 2012 – 6 months later, Squatters Action for Secure Homes (SQUASH) and a number of lawyers are now campaigning for this law to be repealed. At the time the offence was proposed, Government sources claimed it was necessary as
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Housing crisis ‘major barrier’ to women leaving prostitution

09 November, 20120 Comments
A three-year study has found that homelessness and housing problems are two of the most common barriers that stop women leaving prostitution. Vulnerable women’s charity Eaves for Women and London South Bank University (LSBU) concluded from 114 in-depth interviews with current or former female prostitutes in England that more housing support is needed, including safe
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Dramatic rise in Tenant Alerts following the introduction of Universal Credit pilot scheme.

04 October, 20120 Comments
UPDATE > The Alert Directory is now decommissioned as the data is a duplicate of the date contained within our Tenant History Reports > Click here for full details. (link) Landlord Referencing’s latest Tenant Alert statistics reveal that the amount of accumulated rent defaults and property damages recorded in September have more than doubled compared to
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