UK homelessness rises

“The single biggest and most urgent crisis we face”

16 August, 20180 Comments
Boris Johnson’s most recent article for The Telegraph hits out at previous labour governments for failing to build enough houses for the UK population and leaving the youth of today facing huge obstacles just to get onto the housing ladder. The “single biggest and most urgent crisis we face” is that we’re stuck in a
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Unlawful eviction and what it means for you

23 June, 20170 Comments
Like many jobs, being a landlord has both its benefits and pitfalls. One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is being faced with the daunting prospect of evicting a problem tenant. It’s something every landlord dreads and rightly hopes they will never have to do. However rather than avoid the situation and
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Opportunity for landlords to increase social housing stock via free property portal

22 June, 20170 Comments
In the current climate many landlords are reluctant to house benefit tenants due to the increasing minority of those tenants unable to pay their rent on time, coupled with uncertainty around the governments’ welfare reform via Universal Credit – leaving good benefit tenants finding it extremely difficult to find accommodation in the private rented sector. LANDLORDS / HOUSING PROVIDERS: Would
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Royal assent for the Homelessness Reduction Act

08 June, 20170 Comments
Starting life as a private member’s bill raised by Bob Blackman, the Homelessness Reduction Bill was later backed by the Government and has now received royal assent on 27th April. The Act is good news for both the homeless and those threatened with homelessness, as it places new obligations on councils. Priority need or intentionally
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Scrooge Government housing policy for a quarter of a million renters = Ho Ho Ho, you’re homeless!

14 December, 20160 Comments
Nobody wants to spend Christmas in a strange place without their own things around them, but that’s the situation many renters are finding themselves in this year. 1191 families in Bristol will be spending their Christmas in temporary accommodation; Wiltshire = 498, Gloucestershire = 156, Somerset = 148 and Bath = 26. Families like these aren’t
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U TURN on Local Authorities Having to Accept Service of Section 21 As Homelessness

25 October, 20160 Comments
Homelessness Reduction Bill changed and it’s bad news for landlords The final version of Bob Blackman MP’s Homelessness Reduction Bill has been published ahead of its 2nd Reading in Parliament. In complete contrast to previous versions, and the report by Crisis that preceded it, the final version delivers a kicking to landlords. The NLA had
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Government makes it even harder for vulnerable people to rent PRS homes

22 July, 20160 Comments
A new report from the RLA has revealed government policy is making it harder than ever for benefit claimants and the homeless to rent homes within the private rental sector. Working with Sheffield Hallam University, the report is part of an investigation into access to the PRS by the homeless and those on benefits. Led by
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Centre for Social Justice

Calls for ‘social letting agencies’ run by social workers?

19 February, 20160 Comments
Think-tank Centre for Social Justice is calling for new “Social Letting Agencies”  – a new type of not-for-profit estate agency  to be backed by Government money to offer five-year tenancies to families that landlords deem ‘too risky’ to take. According to the think-tank nearly 70,000 of the poorest families in Britain are struggling to find
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Growing need for longer tenancies

RLA – Homelessness in the UK is not down to landlords

12 February, 20160 Comments
The RLA has responded to a government inquiry into homelessness, defending landlords. Private sector landlords are repeatedly and unfairly blamed for the increasing number of homeless in the UK. However the RLA believes there are numerous external contributing factors which are putting pressure on landlords that need to be highlighted when it comes to tackling
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