Advice for Families with Children Who Are Moving Across the Country

03 November, 20170 Comments
In the United States, more than 35 million people moved in 2015, and 60.6 percent of the moves were to another state. Most moves were related to housing, such as wanting a larger home or seeking a less expensive mortgage. Other reasons revolved around family, changes in work or health, or a desire for a
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5.8m households expected to rent privately by 2021

19 June, 20171 Comments
A new report has revealed that one in four UK households will be privately renting by the end of 2021. At the moment around 5m households (21%) are currently living in privately rented accommodation, a quarter of whom are families with children. As property prices continue to rise and wages stagnate, the annual report from estate
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Hidden charges: Things you need to budget before buying a house

22 March, 20170 Comments
Once you’ve gone to all the trouble to save the deposit to find your first home, you’ll either be buying something you know needs renovation or a house that is ready to go. It’s the ready to go house that comes with risks, hidden maintenance costs and things you might not have budgeted in to
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Property damage recovery – Are you prepared?

10 March, 20170 Comments
Being a landlord or letting agent is generally a stressful job in itself, but can be made even worse in times of crisis. (God forbid) if any of the following scenario’s took place, would you want the hassle of dealing with insurers?… There is nothing that can prepare you for the devastation caused when your
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How To Maximize Storage Space In The Home

13 June, 20162 Comments
As your family grows – and as a result the items in your home – it might start to feel like the walls are closing in on you. Space starts to become difficult to find and as much as you are trying to use available storage to keep it organised, it just isn’t enough. But,
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Looking For A Quick Sale? How To Sell Your Home Fast!

25 May, 20160 Comments
We all wish we could fast-forward from the moment we decide we want to sell our current house to the moment when we are sat in our new home. However, unfortunately, this can’t happen. But, what do you do if you need a quick sale? Perhaps you have inherited a property from a relative and
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Property millionaires soar in number & set to increase in 2015

04 February, 20150 Comments
A total of 400,000 people live in properties worth at least seven figures. More than 160 families became property millionaires every day in 2014 thanks to the house price boom, research has revealed. There are now an estimated 400,000 people living in properties worth at least seven figures, according to analysis of Land Registry data.
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Super homes for Super heroes

30 April, 20140 Comments
Many thanks to Web-Blinds for providing us with this fun info-graphic. Follow them on twitter @WebBlinds Related topics: Confessions of a Nosey Neighbour [INFO-GRAPHIC] Are we turning into an isolated nation? Majority of tenants put off by neighbours from
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110 years on; Anti-social behaviour is no better

22 April, 20140 Comments
A collection of mugshots dating back to 1905, which warned publicans of drunken Dundonians, is to go under the hammer today. The folio of forms was issued to local landlords warning them not to serve the pictured people, who had been convicted of being drunk and incapable. Forms note “riotous behaviour” by the barred drinkers,
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