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home owner

Making the move from tenant to home owner: six steps to make it happen

07 September, 20160 Comments
Renting is dead money – it’s essentially cash being given away each month to provide a temporary base with nothing to show for it at the end of the tenancy. It’s no wonder so many tenants are desperate to clamber onto the property ladder, but too many fail to take simple steps to give them
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Does a guarantor have to be a home owner?

27 April, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii Does a guarantor have to be a home owner? Samii says No, in theory they could be renting their home. However they must be financially sound to support the tenant should anything go wrong, so they should be referenced in the same way as the applicant. There are two types of guarantor that DAS will accept for
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Cost of renting vs buying

The average renter will spend £52,900 on rent before buying

18 February, 20160 Comments
According to the Mirror new official figures the average price of a home has increased by £18,000 during the last year. This data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders also showed that lending to first-time buyers, home movers and buy to let investors is at the highest levels of lending since 2007. England’s property prices
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Homeowners re-mortgaging ahead of rate rise

12 August, 20150 Comments
According to a report on the BBC the number of home-owners re-mortgaging increased by 30% in June – the highest level since September 2013, as borrowers locked in to new deals ahead of the rise in interest rates. The figures were provided from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). During June; 31,600 households changed their
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Should You Use A Letting Agent?

23 April, 20140 Comments
Do you consider yourself a professional landlord? If you let any kind of property, you should; even if you let just one house, you are subject to the same legal requirements as property developers with a whole string of property under their belts. Of course, career landlords will have trusted agents or employees to take
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Network Referencing highly important as renters set to dominate next generation

18 April, 20140 Comments
New research suggests that the UK is set to become more like Europe in terms of renting a home and that half of the UK’s population will be renting within a generation. Research from lender Halifax shows that one in five of 23 to 27 year olds across the country have no desire to own
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Tenants guarantors and their responsibilities

29 August, 20130 Comments
As tenant referencing has become more widely used, landlords have become more accustomed to using guarantors when the tenants reference report come back with concerns, rather than reject the application altogether the landlord or letting agent may ask for a guarantor. Typically this is a relative of close family friend – someone who wants to
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Top Tips for Minimising Void Periods

24 July, 20130 Comments
Void periods can be a landlord’s worst nightmare, most landlords rely on the income a property generates to pay its mortgage and whilst the property is empty as the owner you will also be liable for council tax and any bills that the property incurs. At present the average void period in the UK is
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Cameron: ‘I don’t accept the bedroom tax is a tax…’

07 February, 20131 Comments
During a stormy debate at prime minister’s questions yesterday, David Cameron angrily rejected the term ‘bedroom tax’ as he faced repeated questions about the controversial policy. Ed Miliband criticised the policy which will see working age social housing tenants having their Housing Benefit cut if they are deemed to be under-occupying their property – by
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