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One Year On: 91 landlords punished under right to rent rules

02 February, 20170 Comments
It has been revealed that since the Right to Rent scheme was rolled out one year ago this week, a total of 91 landlords have been issued with civil penalties and fined a total of almost £30,000. According to the latest figures published by the Government, 667 enquiries have been made to the Home Office’s landlords
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Right to Rent: 31 deported and 75 landlords fined since July 2015

12 January, 20170 Comments
According to new figures published by the Government, a total of 31 people have been deported as a result of the Right to Rent scheme – with 75 landlords fined. Although the Home Office says that it doesn’t hold figures for the number of illegal migrants in the PRS, they can reveal that between July 1st 2015
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TR Immigration Document Checking Service ensures Right to Rent compliance for landlords and agents

03 October, 20160 Comments
Saving landlords money is always at the forefront of our minds at the TR Group, which is why we launch our very own Home Office Compliant TR Immigration Document Checking Service today. In 2015 TenantReferencingUK.com decided to comply with the initial Right to Rent pilot launched in the West Midlands by using Jumio’s ID verification technology, Netverify.
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Right to Rent Immigration Checks

NLA clarification on the new Right to Rent rules.

05 August, 20150 Comments
Following this week’s uproar over the new right to rent clampdown, the NLA has met with both the Home Office and DCLG ministers to clarify the new implications for landlords. The NLA have said that they now understand; although no date has been set for national implementation, the departments have publically committed to three new
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Landlords are ‘not an extension of the Border Agency’

23 September, 20130 Comments
Following announcements in July, that landlords would face fines of up to £3,000 if they failed to determine whether a tenant’s immigration documents are genuine or not, Ministers are now arguing that landlords are ‘not an extension of the Border Agency.’ The consultation document suggested that it would affect 1.4million private landlords,  stating that “Landlords
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Drug use most common in Private Rented Accommodation

10 December, 20120 Comments
The Prime-Minister is being urged by The Commons Home Affairs Select Committee to consider all of the alternatives to Britain’s failing drug laws, including decriminalisation and legalisation. The influential cross-party group of MP’s say that after taking evidence from all sides of the drug debate, including from Russell Brand and Richard Branson, that “now, more
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Benefit delay results in destitute child starving to death.

05 October, 20121 Comments
Following the death of a destitute child, who starved to death whilst in temporary accommodation, the government have been warned that it must fix flaws in its support system for successful asylum seekers. Details of the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of ‘child EG’ and the unrelated death of his mother ‘Mrs G’ surfaced in
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