New room sizes for HMOs?

03 January, 20180 Comments
In an attempt to reduce problems of overcrowding, the government has announced new minimum space requirements for Houses in multiple occupation (HMO’s) in the private rental sector. This follows the governments post-Christmas 2017 announcement that it wants landlords in England who let properties to five or more people from at least two different families to be
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Tenant Contents Insurance for HMOs

04 December, 20170 Comments
Our partners at Rent Safe UK are pleased to announce that they can now offer: Tenant Contents Insurance on HMOs – YAY!! With their new underwriters they are now able to offer a Tenant Contents Policy for rooms within a HMO, to protect not only the tenants belongings but yours too. What does this mean? Are you taking deposits? Although we would
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Selective Licensing will increase costs for tenants living in South Yorkshire ?

25 July, 20170 Comments
It has come to our attention there is growing concern that the introduction of Selective Licensing will increase the cost of living for tenants residing in rented housing across South Yorkshire. The Doncaster Selective Licensing consultation came to an end on 11th July, where the council are proposing a fee of £515 for each rented property.
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Do you know whether your property is an HMO?

01 February, 20170 Comments
The very complicated world of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) often reveals that the most law-abiding landlords are totally unaware that their property falls under the HMO umbrella. These landlords are risking huge fines and possible rent re-payments if they are running an HMO, even if they don’t realise. North Somerset Council have kindly provided us
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Nottingham City proposes to dump yet another tax via licensing on good landlords and raise itself £16m

17 November, 20160 Comments
Nottingham City Council has announced their desire to introduce citywide selective licensing across the 20 wards of Nottingham. This will represent one of the largest schemes in the Country impacting at least 26,250 properties at £600.00 per property. The council will employ an additional 74 officers to handle on average 5,250 applications a year. Under
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New proposals would bring about 174,000 more HMO properties into licensing

18 October, 20161 Comments
Government have proposed a minimum bedroom size and the extension of licensing to thousands more properties, as part of a government crackdown on rogue landlords in England. Focusing on bad landlords who cram tenants into overcrowded PRS homes, these new proposals only apply to England, and include the introduction of a minimum bedroom size of
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Local Authority threatens letting agencies with prosecution over To Let boards

06 October, 20160 Comments
Letting agents and landlords in Nottingham are being reminded to comply with an obligation to remove ‘to let’ signs in certain parts of the city, or face prosecution. New rules introduced in 2012 by Nottingham Council ban the display of lettings boards from October 1st to December 31st every year in a number of areas across
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