Can we have 4 different guarantors?

23 September, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I’m applying for a house-share with 3 friends and just wondered if it’s possible to have 4 different guarantors for the same property? Samii says Yes, it is possible.  Be sure to discuss this further with your landlord, as each guarantor will need to be referenced separately. Have you got a tenant referencing question? Then simply
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Can benefit tenants be accepted for your rent guarantee insurance products?

02 June, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I would like to take out a rent guarantee policy with for a tenant on benefits, is this possible? Is so, what criteria must they meet? Samii says Yes, at Tenant Referencing UK tenants in receipt of benefits have a chance of being insured for RGI through Rent Safe IF they have a guarantor. Guarantors for benefit
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Does a guarantor have to be a home owner?

27 April, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii Does a guarantor have to be a home owner? Samii says No, in theory they could be renting their home. However they must be financially sound to support the tenant should anything go wrong, so they should be referenced in the same way as the applicant. There are two types of guarantor that DAS will accept for
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Reference a student and their guarantor for just £60 at Tenant Referencing UK

25 April, 20162 Comments
As University students near their last term, at Tenant Referencing UK we are enjoying the usual influx of landlords referencing their next batch of students in preparation for the coming year. This has seen a rise in the following questions that we’d like to go through again, to make sure that you all understand everything that’s on
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Students with Guarantors / Lettings Packages with Tenant History Reports

21 March, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I am a student with no income but my parents wish to stand guarantor – can you help? Samii says In a recent update to our systems, whereby students are reliant upon their parents or some children are reliant upon their parents who have enough income to support the short fall and affordability in
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Tenant Histories / Guarantors

11 March, 20161 Comments
Dear Samii I’m currently using another tenant referencing company who claim that they provide a Tenant History service – do they?… Samii says I wouldn’t call it a tenant history, more like a ‘tenant opinion’…! The quick answer is no. I am really worried that the way other referencing companies are describing these reports are misleading growth within the
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How Could Selecting the Right Tenants Protect Your Investment?

01 May, 20140 Comments
For many people, renting a property is a very strong investment with a good turnover. That is, providing the tenants you have don’t destroy the property and cause issues, and providing that they actually pay the rent. Choosing the wrong tenants could be a very costly decision which could even result in you defaulting on
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Due Diligence for Live in Landlords, including the Immigration Bill.

18 April, 20140 Comments
The biggest worry facing a live in landlord is the kind of person their lodger might be (aside from whether they’re simply compatible) – are they a criminal, likely to be violent or damage your home?  Will they pay the rent on time?  Will they respect you and your home? It’s a staggering fact that
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