What is tenants Insurance and is it worth it?

28 June, 20170 Comments
You may well have heard of home insurance and contents insurance, however, did you know that it is equally as important for tenants to ensure that their property is fully insured? This guest post has been created to help provide a little extra guidance on what tenant insurance is and why you should consider it
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3 Essential Renovations for Landlords

21 March, 20170 Comments
If you’ve just invested in a buy to let and are naturally looking to attract the best paying tenants you can find then you’ll obviously want to have the flat up to spec. You might even be planning to renovate in order to make it appeal to a larger group of friends (ie by adding
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Uk Property Listing Portal

22 February, 20170 Comments
UK, Feb, 2017 – For clients who are on the look-out for a flat or a property on rent, or landowners who wish to enlist their property for sale for prospective buyers and tenants, HousesInSale.co.uk brings a one click away services to connect the two — prospective buyers and tenants to interested land and house
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How much do you know about the survey your mortgage lender is trying to sell you?

28 December, 20130 Comments
In general terms, there are 3 types of ‘survey’ that your mortgage lender will try to sell you. A Valuation (This is NOT a survey, it is entirely for the benefit of the Lender to secure the loan, it does not benefit the buyer at all) A Homebuyers Report (This is a valuation and a
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50 year old charged following Brixton eviction shooting

09 July, 20130 Comments
Following the shooting of a Brixton bailiff and his colleague last week, a 50 year old man has now been charged with 3 counts of attempted murder. As the nation tucked into their breakfast and tuned into Crimewatch last Wednesday morning a south London bailiff and his female colleague were shot at, whilst they tried
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Bailiff & female colleague shot & wounded trying to evict tenant

03 July, 20130 Comments
As the nation tucked into their breakfast and tuned into Crimewatch this morning a south London bailiff and his female colleague were shot at and wounded, whilst they tried to evict a housing association tenant in rent arrears. A man, in his 60s, who works for the Metropolitan Housing Association, was wounded as he attempted
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Houses in Multiple Occupation

22 January, 20132 Comments
House in multiple occupation (HMO) is a term used to describe accommodation in which part of the property is shared by multiple, unrelated households. These are becoming increasingly popular with investors and residential landlords as the yields on HMOs can be significantly higher than for other properties. However, owning and running an HMO does work
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