Tenant Contents Insurance for HMOs

04 December, 20170 Comments
Our partners at Rent Safe UK are pleased to announce that they can now offer: Tenant Contents Insurance on HMOs – YAY!! With their new underwriters they are now able to offer a Tenant Contents Policy for rooms within a HMO, to protect not only the tenants belongings but yours too. What does this mean? Are you taking deposits? Although we would
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Tenant Referencing UK supports Gas Safety Week – 19-25 September 2016

16 September, 20160 Comments
Tenant Referencing UK are in full support of Gas Safety Week next week (19th – 25th) and would like to remind all of our members to always use a registered gas engineer to check their appliances, in the run-up to winter. Badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions as well as
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Are your tenants invalidating their home insurance and putting your property at risk?

05 April, 20160 Comments
Are you aware that millions of households across Britain could be invalidating their home insurance if they own a tumble dryer? Whirlpool, who own the Indesit, Hotpoint and Creda brands, are currently in the process of repairing or replacing 4.3 million potentially faulty machines after letters went out warning owners that their dryers could burst
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Cost of renting vs buying

Landlord fined £10,000 for failing to properly manage house

21 August, 20150 Comments
A landlord has been fined £10,744 for failing to properly manage his two-story property split into seven bedsits in Leamington on Westlea Road. Magistrates at Nuneaton Justice Centre heard that a fire at the property led to an investigation by the Fire Service and Warwick District Council’s Private Sector Team. Firefighters found that the fire
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Landlord fined £20,000 for failing to comply with Improvement Notices

27 October, 20140 Comments
A Hertfordshire landlord has pleaded guilty to 28 offences resulting in a fine of over £20,000. The convictions related to two private properties in the Hatfield area. 23 offences applied to one and the last five applied to the other. The first property, a HMO in Fern Dells, had failures with gas, electric and fire
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How Safe Is Your Area?

21 February, 20140 Comments
Whether you have lived in the same place for a number of years and intend to stay put, or are looking to up sticks to somewhere new it is always a good idea to get informed about the area in question. Making yourself aware of the crime rates could determine future decisions or simply give
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Dog Causes Explosion In Rented Property

12 February, 20140 Comments
A privately rented property in Barnsley was lucky to have not been left with severe damage after the tenants pet dog caused an explosion. It was reported that the dog was believed to have perforated an aerosol can which leaked gas onto a sofa and was then ignited by heat from a lamp. The can
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How much do you know about the survey your mortgage lender is trying to sell you?

28 December, 20130 Comments
In general terms, there are 3 types of ‘survey’ that your mortgage lender will try to sell you. A Valuation (This is NOT a survey, it is entirely for the benefit of the Lender to secure the loan, it does not benefit the buyer at all) A Homebuyers Report (This is a valuation and a
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30 November, 20130 Comments
I suspect that the vast majority of people would answer that question with a resounding ‘NO’. Ok, well what about if I said ‘would you buy a house without a survey?’ Even though a house is likely to be the biggest investment most people will make, I think there would be several different answers to
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