Residential eviction webinar Q & A part 2

08 February, 20180 Comments
We also bring the answers to your questions from our successful November 2017 residential eviction webinar Q&A part 2. If you cannot recover any money and I want her to go bankrupt who pays for this? Do I have to pay, or does she do this on her own accord? If you wish to make the
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Residential eviction webinar Q & A part 1

19 January, 20180 Comments
Our residential eviction webinar in November was a great success, we’d like to thank everyone who attended. We bring you the answers to your questions in our webinar Q&A part one. A tenant left my property and owes approximately £4,000 and I have been to court. If I ask you to go ahead in recovering
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Shelter, Letting Agent Fees, Landlords

Shelter’s on the warpath over tenants letting agents’ fees again – who is fighting for landlords?

20 January, 20160 Comments
Shelter, a charity that campaigns for safe, secure, affordable homes for everyone has returned to the battle against letting agents’ fees this time in Wales. The charity claims that one in four renters who have used a letting agency in wales “have been charged excessive fees.” The website states: “Right now letting agents can charge
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Labour now gets involved in Letting Agent fees issue

07 July, 20140 Comments
This was commented upon in Letting Agent Today, click link below: http://www.lettingagenttoday.c…..Itemid=857 This item is of particular interest to us here at LRS now that we have moved to Bristol and concerns a local Action Group, Acorn, who are keen to ask agents to ‘justify themselves’.  As an ex letting agent myself, of over 20
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Have Private Landlords Reacted to the Bedroom Tax?

25 November, 20130 Comments
The explosion of the demand for rental properties is largely because it has become so difficult to purchase property. ‘Generation rent’ are the people who, perhaps five years ago, might have got a mortgage without a large deposit, but who are now unable to save for the large deposit needed for home ownership, whilst renting, 
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Student Tenants Much Less Likely to be Evicted for Rent Arrears

27 August, 20130 Comments
Everyone knows that students have it tough when it comes to budgeting their finances. With tuition fees, which are now around £9000 per year, and often the range of student loans and grants available do not meet the student living costs, in areas with high student populations, part-time jobs can be hard to come by
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Govt. report calls for convicted landlords to return rents to councils and tenants

18 July, 20130 Comments
A report published today not only calls for tighter regulation of letting agents and a call of action to fees transparency, but also for local authorities and tenants to be given the ability to recoup rents when a landlord has been convicted of letting sub-standard property. The Committee of MPs have raised concerns about the
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